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Enchanted Paradise
2nd annual custom design competition!

Entry deadline: May 31st, 2005
Voting Round 1 from June 8th - June 15th, 2005
Voting Round 2 from June 17 - June 24th, 2005

This year's contest is OVER, but there is always next year!

  About the Competition

Ocean Dreamer: *smiles & waves*  Hello everybody!  I'm Ocean Dreamer & this is my co-host, Hairless Baby Ember.  We're broadcasting live from Aikarin's desk on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Hairless Baby Ember: This year's midsummer design competition is very similar to last year's contest.  Our goal should be the same as yours - to promote well designed and creative customs!

Ocean Dreamer:
This year, the theme is "Enchanted Paradise", just to get your creative juices flowing.  It doesn't need to be tropical!

Hairless Baby Ember: If your design is chosen, then you get a custom made by Aikarin...for free.  Even includes one-way airfare for the lucky new custom to her new home, anywhere in the world!  So what are you waiting for!
  Base Ponies - The Enchanted 15
These 15 ponies were carefully selected for the Midsummer contest!  Your base pony MUST be one of these.

1. Fluttershy - light pink 
2. Sky Wishes - rose pink
3. Sew and So - orange
4. Sparkleworks - orange
5. Merriweather - yellow
6. Kiwi Tart - yellow
7. Minty - green
8. Crystal Crown - green
9. Shenanigans - blue
10. Beebop - blue
11. Tinka-tinka-too - purple
12. Daisyjo - purple
13. Bowtie - white
14. Winterberry - white - design must include her jewel.
15. Toola Roola - pink/purple.  You can choose Coconut Grove the pegasus IF she is available in stores at the end of the contest.  If not, your custom will be made with Toola Roola.


Sky Wishes:
*grumbles* Crystal Crown is late again!

Crystal Crown:
Helllooooooo!  I'm here!  You can start the contest now!

Not familiar with 3rd generation ponies?
Click here to see the profiles of the Enchanted 15!

  Entry Requirements
Please read the following carefully:
  • Pony must be your own UNIQUE design.  No G3's based on G1's, etc.
  • NO copyrighted/trademarked designs/names/logos, like "Harry Potter" or "Nike Air" ponies.
  • Design must be a NEW one, not shown or created elsewhere.
  • Entries can be hand-drawn and scanned or computer drawn.  I suggest including a detailed close-up of your symbol design.  Pony outlines can be found on Hasbro's site.
  • Entries will be anonymous until after judging...please do NOT put your signature on your picture.  Your picture will be assigned an entry number & tagged with the contest information.
  • Please keep your designs "kid friendly"...stuff that you can display at an elementary school.  I don't want a bunch of disgruntled parents e-mailing me! ^_^
  • Entry Deadline is May 31st, 2005

Additional information:

  • YOU remain the owner of your design.  All copyrights belong to you.
  • Feel free to add accessories, props, etc.  We won't be judging these, but it may make your design more appealing.  You can even write a story for your pony if you feel like it.

Click here to see a sample entry

 Submit Your Entry (closed)'re a bit too late this year.  It's past the entry deadline.
You'll have another chance next year.

 View the Entries

View the Enchanted Paradise Entries!

 Cast Your Vote!  (Round 1)  June 8th - June 15th, 2005

The first round of voting is officially over!

 The Voting Continues!  (Round 2)  June 17th - June 24th, 2005

Click here to view the People's Choice Finalists!

 The Midsummer Winners!

Baby Ember: The crowd getting out of control!
Ocean Dreamer: *squeals* I can't wait to see the winners!

Click here to view the Midsummer Contest Winners!

 Judging & Prizes
This year is a bit different...there are four different awards, each with different criteria.  

The first two awards will be selected by Aikarin & a few of her close friends.  Don't try to guess what they like...they have different tastes!  Last year, some people designed ponies they thought would appeal to Aikarin.  Although she enjoyed them, some of the other judges just didn't fancy those designs.  So, make the designs based on what YOU like!  ^_^

Judging is NOT based on your rendering, but on your design.  So, if you're not good at drawing or coloring, you can still win as long as they think your idea is great!

Enchanted Paradise Award - The "best" pony design, per Aikarin & company. ^_^  The prize is a custom pony of your design made by Aikarin!  Includes a custom printed box too.
Click here to see last year's design contest winner

Most Innovative in Paradise Award - This particular pony will also be selected by Aikarin & a few of her close friends.  The winner of this award will be a well-designed pony that is also very unique.
Your reward is a randomly selected minty condition pony from the extras page or from Aikarin's collection.

People's Choice Award - This award is based on voting by pony fans.

There will be TWO rounds of voting:
June 8th to June 15th
June 17th to June 24th.

The winner will receive a pre-prepped 3rd generation pony & a box with a custom printed front label.  Also includes a matching pony comb & supplies in stock that work with your pony's design.  All you have to do is put your pony together!

Last year, we were expecting the complicated ponies to win.  However, the winners were simple, but effective, designs.  A nice drawing or additional stories may help you out with the People's Choice Award.

Instruction Follower's Random Awards - the IRFA - This is a bit different than last year, where everyone was eligible for the random award.  To be eligible for this award, your entry must follow all of the rules listed above & on the actual entry form.  ^_^  Sounds silly, but this will make it a lot easier for Aikarin to update the site.  Your name will be entered once for each design that meets criteria (up to a total of 2).  These names will be randomly drawn for a minty baby pony or customizing supplies at the end of the competition.


Q: Where can I find a program to draw my designs?
A: has free and trial drawing programs in their Design & Photo Category
Try one of their higher-rated programs.  An alternate method is to draw your designs by hand & scan them in.

Q: Does it have to be a tropical pony?
A: "Enchanted Paradise" is just the theme.  You can interpret it any way you like! ^_^

Q: Can I change the base pony's color?
A: Yes.  However, it won't be eligible for the main Enchanted Paradise Award.  Your design will still be able to compete in the other categories.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No.  But if you're under 18, you must have your parent's permission to enter.  Make sure that they know if you are a winner, you will need to provide your address (so I can send the prizes to you!).

Q: Can I tell others about the custom I created for the contest?
A: No, I'd prefer that you keep it a secret until after the voting.  That way, the voting is less likely to be affected by the creator's popularity.  Do NOT put your name on your picture!  Do not "advertise" your custom...this is NOT fair to the other participants.  Likewise, it's not okay to tell all of your relatives to vote for you.

Q: Can I submit a pegasus?
A: Only if you select Toola Roola as a base pony.  If your design wins the Enchanted Paradise Award, you can have a pegasus made from Coconut Grove providing that she is available in stores.  It's a chance you take! ^_^

Q: Can I submit a unicorn?
A: Yes, but the pony won't be repainted.  Keep this in mind when you're creating your designs.  It's nearly impossible to match the horn to the base color if the pony isn't going to be repainted.

Q: Can I use a base pony that is not listed?  I can send you the pony.
A: No.  Lots of reasons for this decision: unfairness to people who cannot afford to send base ponies, differences in qualities of the ponies (symbol bleeding & staining the plastic, plastic deformities, glue stains, etc.)

Q: Can I submit a baby pony design?  I can send you the pony.
A: No.  For the same reasons as above.

Q: Can I add additional sculpted parts to the pony?
A: Yes, but the base pony will not be re-painted.  It's probably best to choose coordinating colors for "extra" parts.  Likewise, it is okay to submit a merry-go-round style pony.

Q: Can I make a Twice-as-Fancy design?
A: Yes.  You can place the symbols anywhere.

Q: How complicated of a design can I submit?
A: Your imagination is the limit here.  However, remember that you're being judged on the quality, not the quantity of your design.

Q: Can I submit my pony persona?
A: Short answer: no.  The design must be original & anonymous.   If you use your pony persona, it's pretty obvious who made it. ;)  This can affect the outcome of the voting in the People's Choice Award category.

Q: Can I use special types of hair, like glow-in-the-dark and thermal color changing hair?
A: Yes, this is allowed.


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Many thanks for your participation!

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