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Enchanted Paradise
the annual custom design competition!

The Enchanted Entries!
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Ponies are listed in the order received
(except for a few with technical difficulties)

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for your favorite entries
on June 8th - June 15th.

PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Entry #1
Custom Pony's Name: Monkey Business
Base Pony: Kiwi Tart (yellow)
Description She has Coral, Orange and White hair. Her symbol is a Monkey holding a bunch of bananas in his right hand, and then one banana in his left, and one in his tail. He is covered in vines, as is the rest of her body. Her eye is the same as Kiwi Tarts, and she has no cutie mark due to the vines all over her body.
Story: She is Shenanigan's cousin from the jungle. A camouflaged little pony she loves to hop around in the low tree branches and surprise the other wandering ponies. She is as happy as can be in the Enchanted Jungle paradise where she lives. If she's not in the trees she is happily eating bananas and coconuts.
Entry #2
Custom Pony's Name: Horse Play
Base Pony: Beebop (blue)
Description: She has purple, light blue and yellow hair. Her symbol is a playful sea horse playing in the kelp blowing bubbles every where. She has the same eye color as Beebop. Her cutie mark is three bubbles floating around in kelp, her feet and legs have kelp on them, and on her forehead she has four bubbles.
Story: She comes from the shores by the Enchanted Jungle paradise and loves to play on the shore, looking for seashells. She is a very aquatic pony and loves to swim all the time. Her favorite hobby is splashing other ponies.
Entry #3
Custom Pony's Name: Tropical Breeze
Base Pony: Sew-and-So (orange)
Description: Orange Body, Lime green/Hot pink/Bright yellow hair and tail
Sign: a Hawaiian flower.  Eye Colour: Hot Pink
Entry #4
Custom Pony's Name: Zodiac
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Zodiac is a pure white pony with black hair. Her mane and tail are black. Zodiac's symbol is the Chinese Yin and Yang Symbol. Her eyes are dark red. Her magnet hoof is marked with the Chinese character for Horse.
Story: Zodiac is a very Zen and calm pony. But when the party's on......she's the first on the dance floor! Her hobbies are making friends, exploring, and dancing. She loves to eat dumplings. Strangely, she can't eat anything without a bright red Chili!
Entry #5
Custom Pony's Name: Mahala
Base Pony: Beebop (blue)
Description: Mahala is a blue pony (Beebop base) and has curly goldish yellow hair with gold tinsel. Her eyes are a rich magenta with the smallest hint of violet. Her symbol is an Arabian palace very much like the Taj Mahal. The palace is white with gray windows and doors and has a large golden roof. She has golden curly patterns printed on each leg.
Story: Mahala loves to share enchanting stories of the east with her pony friends. And often falls into daydreams where she becomes a part of one herself!
Entry #6
Custom Pony's Name: Saccharine
Base Pony: Sky Wishes (pink)
Description: Saccharine's sweet looks and wild side combined show in her silky curls of blond hair mixed with random streaks of hot, hot pink and neon green. Her rosy form is spiced up with three white and neon green nautical stars as her symbol. An individual in Ponyland, she has a tiny ladylike silver stud in her left nostril, and two silver balls on either side of her right ear from a punky barbell piercing. Her sky blue eyes, though, are as sweet as any princess pony you'd ever meet.
Story: Unique and expressive, Saccharine never sought to stand above a crowd. Instead of studs and streaks, it's her vivacious personality and buoyant loyalty to her friends that sets her apart. She's the pony you go to for an ice cream-and-movie party when you're sad on a rainy night, or when the day is sunny and you need someone to sing along when you crank the stereo way, way up! A heartbreak-healer, surprise party planner, and silence-breaker from the inside out, she's the friend everyone needs.
Entry #7
Custom Pony's Name: Tropical Treats
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Tropical Treats Is a white based pony.  She has brightly coloured striped hair
in the order purple, pink, green yellow blue orange. Her tail is all of these colours as well. On her cheek is a red cherry with a green stem. Her symbol is a turquoise wine glass with a purple drink in it that has small white fizz bubbles, with a red straw and green cocktail umbrella coming from it.
Beside the glass is an orange slice with two orange and yellow dips squirting from it. Her hoof hear was replaced with a pineapple.
Story: Tropical treats loves to spend her days at the beach taking photographs of the sunset and surfing the biggest wave.  In her spare time she goes to the cotton candy cafe and orders a pina colada. But her favorite thing to do is to teach the baby ponies to make tropical bead bracelets.
Entry #8
Custom Pony's Name: Diamond Dreamer
Base Pony: Shenanigans (blue)
Description: Diamond Dreamer is a blue based pony.  Her hair is forest green. Her symbol is a maroon sack with a gold tie that's spilling diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls and gold coins down her leg.
On her forehead is a diamond shaped blue sapphire, and to replace her hoof heart is a diamond with two golden squiggles on either side of it (~).
Story: Diamond Dreamer loves to collects shiny things. Every day bright and early she goes treasure hunting in the forest outside of Ponyville. She has a maroon sack that she brings with her to put all her treasures in.  Then at night she invites all her friends over to sort them with her.
Entry #9
Custom Pony's Name: Lilac
Base Pony: Tinka-tinka-too (purple)
Description: Lilac is a adorable purple third-gen Flutter Pony. She has got super long multi-colored mane and tail. From forehead to the end of the neck, the colors are deep cerise, white, purple and royal blue. The tail is a mix of these. Molded into her back, there is this traditional, shell-shaped wing-holder with a button at the top.
Lilacīs got lilacs as a symbol, but only on the display side. Like all the flutters from the old days, she also has got a small symbol in her face - under the eye in her case. The eyes are dark purple, and has got a silver swirl.

Story: None of the ponies in Ponyville are entirely sure of who or what Lilac is. She has a mystical smile on her face, and a pair of brilliant lustrous wings on her back.
Entry #10
Custom Pony's Name: Majora
Base Pony: Daisyjo (purple)
Description: Majora is a slightly dark purple pony with red,yellow,and dark green mane,tail,and eyes. Her symbol is a picture of Majora's mask. Her foot symbol is a fairy named Tael.
Story: Majora can be a very,very mischievous pony who likes anime, causing mayhem, and hanging out with her friends. She's not an imp all the time but to some ponies it seems that way.
Entry #11
Custom Pony's Name: Flit
Base Pony: Kiwi Tart (yellow)
Description: Flit is a bright yellow pony with mahogany brown and orangey-red hair arranged in wide swaths. Her hair is a tad longer than the typical G3s, curling around her feet!  Flit's symbol is a heart with monarch butterfly wings--the heart itself a shade of Chinese red, the wings in yellow, orange, and black. Her eyes are medium brown with a red stripe. Her hoof mark is another Chinese red heart with a set of antennae!
Story: Flit spends most of her time in fields of flowers---any kind will do! She enjoys chasing after the butterflies, flitting around on her every whim. When it's time to come in for the day, Flit can't be kept from having late night sleep-overs with her best friend Soar! They stay up till the wee hours of the morning pondering the fun they would have if they only had wings!
Entry #12
Custom Pony's Name: Soar
Base Pony: Crystal Crown (green)
Description: Soar is a sparkling aqua-green pony with hair in vertical stripes of alternating butter yellow and hot pink. Soar's symbol is a heart with wings--the wings a golden set of angel wings, the heart a shade of rosy pink. Her magnet hoof also has a rosy-colored heart, but with a dainty gold halo over the top of it! Soar's eyes are a golden, buttery yellow.
Story: Soar loves to frolic through mist and fog, daydreaming that she's soaring through the air, using clouds for pillows when she needs the rest! Soar can be a little bit vain at times, but with the help of her best friend Flit, is learning the importance of thinking of others. Soar's greatest wish is that one day, she'll be able to sprout wings and fly through the clouds like a bird!
Entry #13
Custom Pony's Name: Soldier Pony
Base Pony: Crystal Crown (green)
Description: Camouflage hair cut to an almost spike.  Also the face is camouflaged. (dark green-light olive green- tan/med- light tan). The tail is mixture of all colors while the mane is stripes of each color. The symbol on the rump is of a Golden Star, 5 darker lines coming from points of star to a small circle.  Has Clydesdale markings on feet.
Story: The brave pony, in the face of danger will join it brother and sisters in the name of freedom and peace. Look to the sky and see the dream of all the ones lost in this life, for non can replace the freedom they give or the love that was fought for family and friends.
Entry #14
Custom Pony's Name: Forest Enchantment
Base Pony: Beebop (blue)
Description: Forest Enchantment is a earthling filly, with a shimmering blue body, bright green hair and a symbol that looks very much like a leaf-laden rainforest tree.
Story: Forest Enchantment is a pony who enjoys walking through the forests outside of Ponyville. There while surrounded by croaking tree frogs, twittering birds and the chatter of squirrels she finds paradise.
Entry #15
Custom Pony's Name: Garden Fairy
Base Pony: Sew-and-So (orange)
Description: Garden Fairy is an orange earth pony. Her symbol is a dainty fairy with brightly colored wings sitting on a branch of matching flowers. She has a small vine with blue flowers on her front hoof. Garden Fairy has emerald green eyes. Her hair is a combination of red, orange, and greens chosen to compliment her symbol and body color.
Story: Garden Fairy is the green thumb in Ponyland. She enjoys taking care of all the plants in Ponyville, especially flowers. When Garden Fairy isn't busy helping her friends with their gardens, she is out planting new flowers all around Ponyville.
Entry #16
Custom Pony's Name: Aquapolis
Base Pony: Shenanigans (blue)
Description: Aquapolis is a blue pony (Shenanigans base) with curly navy and teal hair. She has wave patterns around each leg and a purple sea shell on her front left foot rather than a heart. Her eyes are deep turquoise in colour and in place of the usual dot, star or heart within the black part of the iris, Aquapolis has a pearl. Her "Cutie Mark" is a turquoise castle (the roof is a slightly darker shade of the same colour) within a lilac clam shell. The castle has three spires and arch shaped windows and doors.
Story: Aquapolis enjoys wandering along butterfly island beach with her friends, hunting for seashells. Afterwards, they all build a magnificent castle of sand and play Sea-Princesses!
Entry #17
Custom Pony's Name: Lime
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Lime is a white pony and has bright green hair with a brown stripe. Her symbol is on other of her sides and is a coconut broken in half with a lime being squeezed into it. Another lime sits by the coconut and palm fronds site behind. She has green eyes. A beaded string of shells hangs from the left side of her hair.
Story: Lime loves to surf. Her favorite part about summer is getting out and riding the waves. When she's relaxing she likes to sip a pina colada with some lime squeezed in it to spice it up a bit. She loves exploring and is ready to go after any adventure. Even though she's super busy with her pioneering, Lime never forgets to have fun with her friends too.
Entry #18
Custom Pony's Name: Goody Gumdrop
Base Pony: Kiwi Tart (yellow)
Description: Goody Gumdrop is a bright yellow pony with pink melon hair that is slightly curly. She has four iridescent wings. Her symbols are three gumdrops; one orange, one green, and one pink. Her eyes are green and she has a orange heart on her left hoof.
Story: Goody Gumdrop sits on the beach and watches the tides roll in with her best friends Bubbles and Sea Shell. She gets a nice tan, flirts with the studs, and teaches the other ponies how to act. When the days is done, Goody Gumdrop is a good girl that just wants to sit at home and watch "Pretty in Pink".
Entry #19
Custom Pony's Name: River
Base Pony: Shenanigans (blue)
Description River is a light pastel blue pony with white, soft, not all too long hair with a dark purple streak in her mane. Her tail shades from white to dark purple towards the end. Her eye is a light pastel yellow colour. Her symbol is sunlight shining on water represented in an "'expressionistic" way, with brushstrokes overlapping each other. Her hoof mark consists of three brush stroke lines of white, blue and dark purple colour.
Story: River lives in a little cottage near the Rainbow Stream. She loves painting, especially sunshine reflections on water. She also loves to spend time with her friends on Pony Meadow in the sun. She tells them she collects sunbeams for the cold winter days when she will share them with everyone in Ponyville!
Entry #20
Custom Pony's Name: Pretty Poison
Base Pony: Minty (green)
Description: Pretty Poison is a green pony with a dark red and orange mane and tail.
Her Cutie mark is a cluster of poison ivy leaves.  Her eyes are green with a red stripe. Her front display side leg has a single ivy leaf.
Story: Pretty Poison lives in a tropical garden filled with her favorite plants and flowers. Her love of nature and growing things makes her an excellent gardener.  Her favorite foods are berries and nuts. Pretty poison is a romantic at heart

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