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Aikarin's Collection
This section is organized by the pony type & roughly by year.  
My favorites are the original Gen 1 ponies.
I'm not "really" collecting the Gen 3 ponies...only getting a few favorites.
Please note: this list is NOT complete & should not be used as a checklist!

  Current pony count: 304 ponies
(includes one Megan)
(does NOT include 3rd generation, custom baits, custom ponies, or those for trade/sale)

80/107 Page 1 - Early Ponies I remember from childhood 
Flat Foots, Collector Ponies, Early Ponies, Rainbow Ponies, Pegasi/Unicorns,  Original Baby Ponies, So Softs, Twinkle Eyes, Beddy-Bye Eye Babies, Flutters
81/141 Page 2 - "Old Style" ponies made after I stopped collecting
First Tooth Babies, Sea Sparkle Baby Ponies, Soft Sleepy Newborns, Twice as Fancy, Princess Ponies, Big Brothers, Newborns, Pony Friends, Sundae Best, Sweetberry Ponies, Happy Tails, Magic Message, Peek-A-Boo Babies, Summerwings & Windywings, Brush 'n' Grow & Princess BnG, Merry Go Round, Candy Cane
44/149 Page 3 - These ponies are "new to me"
Sweetheart Sisters, Sundazzle, Sunshine, Perfume Puff, Fancy Pants, Baby Brothers, Dance 'n' Prance, Loving Family, Baby Ponies & Pretty Pals, Sparkle Ponies, Tropical Ponies, Rainbow Curl Ponies, Sweetsteps Ballerinas,  Drink 'n' Wet, Sparkle Babies, Rockin' Beat Ponies, Glow 'n Show, Precious Pocket, Baby Rainbow, Baby Ballerina, Teeny Tiny & TT Twins, Secret Surprise, Freaky Eyelash Princesses, Sweet Talkin' Ponies, Flower Fantasy, Colorswirl, Paradise Babies, Soda Sippin' Ponies
97 Special Ponies - Mail Order, Playset, Gift Pack Ponies, International
Mail Order ponies, Holiday/Wedding ponies, Playset Ponies, Birthday/Slumber Party Gift Packs, Prototypes & other oddities
2/37 Seaponies & Fancy Mermaid Ponies
International Ponies
UK, German ponies, Macau ponies
Show Stable, Lullabye Nursery