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Enchanted Paradise
the annual custom design competition!

The Enchanted 15!
15 ponies in 7 different colors for you to choose from.
Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

Additional info:
By selecting Toola Roola, you can choose Coconut Grove (pegasus) if she is available in stores at the end of the contest.  There are no guarantees! ^_^
If you are using Winterberry, your design must contain her jewel.

Toola Roola - purple/pink
*pegasus option*

Fluttershy - light pink

Sky Wishes - rose pink

Sew and So - orange

Sparkleworks - orange

Merriweather - yellow

Kiwi Tart - yellow

Minty - green

Crystal Crown

Bee Bop - blue

Shenanigans - blue

Daisyjo - purple

Tinka-tinka-too - purple

Winterberry - white
**design MUST use jewel**

Bow Tie - white

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