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Enchanted Paradise
the annual custom design competition!

 Enchanted Paradise Award
Sea Snake's Enchanted Evening

"Wow!" was our first reaction to this stunning design.  Simple, yet magical, we thought this design would make a lovely pony in real-life.
  Seems that people who voted in the People's Choice Award liked her as well...she was also one of the finalists!

This design was selected by Aikarin & her friends.  She will be made into a real custom pony by Aikarin & shipped to her new home. ^_^

When she is completed, pictures will be posted in the Custom Gallery.

Here are some comments that people made about Enchanted Evening:

"Very beautiful!"
"I thought the gradient on Enchanted Evening would translate better to a real pony, very elegant, very pretty"
"So magical!  I want a pony just like that one."

Base Pony: Daisyjo (purple)
Description: Enchanted Evening is purple with black points on her legs, nose and ears. Her mane and ta
il are dark blue, light purple and pink streaked mane. Her eyes are the same dark blue as her main with touch of aqua in them. Her symbol is that of a magic wand over two aqua swooshes (representing water) with small dots of white and pale yellow sprinkling out from the wand (representing stars).
Story: Enchanted Evening is a pony who enjoys making people's wishes come true. With a wave of her wand, she can make the night become a magical time of fun and reverie for all the ponies and their friends. From the shadows she watches them before laughing merrily and slipping off to spread her magic.

 Most Innovative in Paradise Award
Miru's Storybook

This beautiful pony features darker "color points" with words in them.  This is the first time we've ever seen a design like this!  The book & red rose go well with her dark brown hair.  Overall, a very unique pony with artistic flair!

This design was also selected by Aikarin & her friends.  It was a hard decision, because there were so many unique entries!   This design is something "different", yet beautiful.  The winner will receive a randomly selected pony in minty condition.  Congratulations Miru!


Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Storybook is a white pony with brown words around a shaded portion of her muzzle and legs. Her mane tail and eyes are all a dark reddish brown, though her eyes have blackened pupils and grey around the lining. Storybook's symbol is an open book with a rose and pen next to it. The rose crosses over the front of the book whereas the pen hides behind the far side. Her magnet hoof is marked with a deep red heart.
Story: Storybook loves smaller things. Whereas the other ponies go to the islands or resort to be in heaven, storybook reads or watches the grass in the wind. Out of the books she reads, Storybook's favorite genre is the faerie tale. She just loves the thoughts of adventure and true love! Small things fascinate and thrill her, bringing happiness at every turn. Because of this she's often thought to be ditzy or distractible, but she doesn't mind. She'll just keep loving what she loves and popping up as she must.

 People's Choice Award
Jupiternwndrlnd's Sushi Blossom

This eye-catching design features an exciting combination of food and flowers.  As predicted, this design received the most votes among the people who submitted entries and everyone else.  "Different" and "refreshing" describe this well-planned design.

Here are some comments that people made about Sushi Blossom:
"So cute!!!"
"Such a simple, yet gorgeous pony! Her color scheme is delectable, and the symbol--well, who doesn't love sushi?!"
"XD Sushi pony=awesome!!"
"I'd want to own that one."

Base Pony: Minty (green)
Description: Light green pony with green, silver/white hair and a pink streak.
Symbol is a sushi roll in a pair of chop sticks. Surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Story: Sushi Blossom loves to eat out. She always has her chopsticks ready, in case her friends want to go out for some Japanese food!

This design was chosen by visitors to the website after two rounds of voting.  In this case, the winner will receive three colors of unprepped Kanekalon hair in platinum white, pink, and emerald green.  They will also received the prepped base (Wing Wishes Minty) inside a box with a custom printed front panel!

[click on picture for enlarged view]

 Instruction Follower's Random Award

This prize is a randomly drawn one from the list of eligible entries.  To qualify, your entry must follow the instructions listed on the pages exactly.  Almost all of the entries qualified for this award. *applause*

The list was printed out, snipped into individual entries, crumpled into tiny wads, and tossed into a fishbowl.  Baby Ember picked one lucky winner to receive a minty baby pony.

Ocean Dreamer: Uh...did you pick a winner yet?
Baby Ember: I'm having too much fun in here.
Ocean Dreamer: C'mon!  We don't have all day!!
Baby Ember:
Fine.  And the winner is Yzzi Lizzy, who designed #11 - Flit - and #12 - Soar.

 Final Thoughts
Ocean Dreamer: Baby Ember, Aikarin, and I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's contest!  There were so many great designs, it was incredibly hard picking out the winners.

We have a LOT of improvements planned for next year, so be sure to come back in Summer of 2006!
Until then, happy customizing!!

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