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Enchanted Paradise
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Sample Entry
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Your Custom Pony's Name: Tranquil Summer
G3 Base Pony: Shenanigans (light blue)
Pony's Description: Tranquil Summer is a tropical aqua blue pony with brightly colored hair.  She has three colors in her mane arranged in vertical stripes - neon green, pineapple yellow, and mango orange!  Her tail has the same three colors.  Tranquil Summer's symbol is a palm tree on an island.  Her eyes are neon green with a darker green stripe.  Her magnet hoof is marked with a sparkling golden sun.
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Tranquil Summer lives on a tropical island and spends hours basking in the sun.  Her favorite foods are mango sherbet and passion fruit iced tea.  Tranquil Summer also loves to cook.  However, she adds shredded coconut to everything!  Tranquil Summer collects postcards, seashells, and vintage cookie cutters.
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Sorry...this year's contest is closed to new entries.
Please check back next year.

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