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Last update: September 30, 2008
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About my Extra Ponies
These sweeties are duplicates or ones from collection downsizing.  
I only buy for my collection, but sometimes I purchase in lots and end up with extras.

~*~ Collection Downsizing ~*~
Yes, one can have too many ponies =)  I'm selling a big chunk of my collection.  Just don't have time to appreciate all of them...they sit in plastic tubs, unloved and ungroomed =(

~*~ Pony Grading ~*~
This is always subjective, but I am a collector so I do know what to look for.  
I list two grades, the first one is the display condition and the second is the actual condition.  
Click here for more details

~*~ Pictures ~*~
Digital photography cannot capture all of a pony's flaws.  I cannot stress this enough.  Despite this, most people want to see pictures.  I've gone to great lengths to describe these ponies, so please take time to READ the descriptions thoroughly.

~*~ Squeaky Clean Ponies ~*~
Most ponies were disinfected, scrubbed inside & out (tail rings replaced), shampooed, conditioned, de-frizzed, and sometimes re-curled.   Click here for the full details  
This takes a LOT of time and effort!
However, this means that all YOU have to do is put that squeaky clean pony on your shelf!

~*~ Send me a Trade Offer ~*~
I'm actually not looking for anything at the moment...sorry!

~*~ Want to Purchase Some Ponies? ~*~
E-mail me with the ponies you are interested in and your zip code (for calculating postage costs).  I will let you know if they are available & postage.  If you want me to hold ponies, I will hold them for one week if you send me your shipping address & preferred method of payment. I accept USPS money orders or Paypal, hidden cash in small amounts (at your own risk!)  However, I've never had a problem with a missing payment or missing shipment yet!
Please make a note to yourself so you won't forget to send your payment. 

~*~ Sample Shipping & Packaging Rates ~*~
I always try sending your ponies using a fast, but cost effective method.
Below are some sample shipping rates.
Baby Pony via First Class mail in the US = $1.00
Adult Pony via First Class mail in the US = $2.00
Priority Mail up to one pound in the US = $4.60
One Adult Pony via Airmail to Canada = $2.00
One Adult Pony via Airmail to United Kingdom = $4.00

If you're curious, here's a list of places where I've sent ponies.  I'll send them anywhere that USPS will deliver to. ^_^

~*~ References ~*~
My References on eBay are under user ID aikarin
References on MLP Arena are also under user ID aikarin
I've also traded with numerous people in the MLP community & I'm also known for my customs ^_^

If you are interested in purchasing ponies or have further questions,
please submit an inquiry through the Extra Ponies Form.

Adult ponies from all years

Babies & Winged Ponies

Special Ponies: Mint in Package, Mail Order, Holiday, Foreign/International Variants

Custom Bait Ponies: Manky ponies with major damage for customizing or play only

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