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Below are some of my favorite pony websites.
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Pony Community Sites

The My Little Pony Trading Post
Contains some very active discussion & trading boards.
This is the "newer" site, that doesn't have nasty banner ads.
MLP Arena
Similar to the Trading Post, but with more features.
MLP Newsgroup
The deja newsgroup specifically for MLP.  I haven't visited this link lately.
Informational Sites - General
Dream Valley by Kim Shriner
The ultimate pony resource, with a special tool for  IDing ponies.
Finally, she has her own domain & no more pop-ups!
My Little Pony Collector
Lots of info on ponies (US & Foreign & MIP), also a pricing guide
My Little Pony FAQ
Exactly what it says - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for new pony collectors.  Includes links to other resources.
The My Little Pony Library
Real pics of most ponies - my May Birthflower is on this site!
Update: looks like some links on this page are broken.
Informational Sites - Special
Lady Twilight's guide to pony accessories is a must-have when it comes to identifying combs, barrettes, etc.  She also sells vintage and new ponies.

My Little Pony Fair/Convention
One of the largest pony conventions.  Changes location every year & offers exclusive ponies!

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The My Little Pony Ordeal
Well organized site with detailed info on pony playsets.  Pictures of accessories and their colors can be found here. **Please note: this site got inundated with ads now & isn't too user friendly**
The Petite Pocket
Don't forget the little ponies...the Petites!  This website, also made by Silverdawn, is an excellent resource on the little ones.

Ponytopia's Ride the Rainbow
Complete guide to the 3rd generation ponies that are in stores currently.
Princess Pony Accessory Guide
Comprehensive guide containing pictures of all the Princesses and their matching wands, crown clips, combs, and Bushwoolies.  Run by Silverdawn.  Watch out for her rants, she's a very opinionated pony.
Tarpan's Ponyland
Information on pony poses & pictures of actual ponies in her huge collection.
Rose Garden MLP Comics
Guide to MLP comic books.  Includes scans of covers, annuals, foreign language comics, and an index of bonus items that were attached to the magazines.
Sea Pony Utopia
If you're like me & can't tell one sea pony from another, this is the site for you.  Info & MOC pictures of our underwater friends & accessories.  Shooobedoooo!
Informational Sites - Variants & International Ponies
KCat's Ponies
Site with lots of international rares for you to drool over ;)
[note: site seemed to be down when I checked on Sept 8th, 2006]
Mexican Pony Paradise
Well organized site on those elusive and rare Mexican ponies
MLP Land
This extensive pony website features ponies from all generations.  It's based in the Netherlands & you can choose either English & Dutch text.
Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della Felicita
Mio Mini Pony, an Italian pony encyclopedia with info on ponies & playsets.
Taffeta's My Little Pony Scrapbook
Actual photos of  UK exclusive ponies.  ID that British pony!
Pony Sellers / Traders
Gotta Have It Toys (US)
A bunch of old toys are offered here.  They rent out space to individual dealers.  They are located nearby & I've been there before.  Pony prices are unpredictable
Fiona's Feedback Forum
Here's a place to check the reliability of the person you're trading with.
Customizing Supplies & Information
Website with all sorts of customizing information & parts.  Looks like a nice site, but seems like it hasn't been updated in a while.
Website with customizing tutorials, contests, and a custom gallery.  Also one of two suppliers of nylon hair.
Twin Pines of Maine
They sell a cleaning solution that removes ink spots, but I also heard it can make MORE spots appear on ponies!  Haven't tried it yet.
Kisscurl's Pony Rarity List
Check here to see how rare your pony is before wouldn't want to ruin a valuable pony!
Also, check the price guide at the "My Little Pony Collector" website.
Ribbons and Rainbows
Dava's website with a detailed, illustrated customizing tutorial.  Everything you need to know from painting, symbols, re-rooting hair.
Strawberry Fair's Rehairing Service
If you don't want to rehair your own ponies, check out Strawberry Fair's website.  She also does full commissions.
Custom Pony Galleries
Crystal Pony Dreams
Very creative pony designs from a super-nice pony collector.
Great customs with lots of intricate accessories.  I especially love her Final Fantasy ponies!
The Golden Autumn
Awesome custom babies of early year ponies.
Website of a custom pony collector & designer.  Her designs are quite original!  Also, my Chocolicious & Rainsplash live in LauraLand. ^_^
Silverheart's Cloud
Home of Silverheart the Alicorn.  You've gotta see her huge collection of custom ponies and the ones she made herself!
Stocking's Christmas Castle
Stockings website is beautifully designed.  Her customs are some of the nicest around!  Check out her customized Dream Castle playset!
Violet Star Shine's Website
Not exactly sure where the lovely Violet Star Shine's website went, however, this is a link to her journal.  She also makes custom dolls.
Other Collectors' Pages (listed alphabetically)

Blossom Fortress
My friend Vinyalonn's website.  Cool pony artwork & pics of her collection.
Buffy's Paradise
German Pony Collector's website with customs, pics of her huge collection, and much more!
DS Scully's Pony Files
Wow!  Agent Scully's got tons of ponies, many MOCs & rares, for us to drool over ;) Watch out, there's a pop-up for Comet "no".
Eferia's MLP Place
Eferia's site has a little of everything - sales, want list, and very creative custom ponies.
LunaCat's My Little Pony Site
A nice little website with great original artwork, pony wallpaper, and a pony story & comic.
Got Time?

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Chanth's Skylands
A beautifully designed site by a very talented pony collector & artist!   Unfortunately, she retired from the pony community & her site is no longer updated :(
Once Upon a Time
This site has the Ember's Dream story along with other original stories.  Also has a huge gallery of MOC ponies!

Pony Corner
Neat website with awesome original pony drawings & a drawing tutorial.
Marco's Page
Lots of heavenly, original pony drawings by the ever-talented Marco.

My little sister loves Neopets - an on-line website with games.  Click on the link to join - it's free!  But watch might get addicted like me ;)
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