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A Midsummer Pony's Dream custom design competition!

Entry deadline: May 31st, 2004
Voting from June 9th - June 20th, 2004

  About the Competition

Baby Green: Hey Petal Blossom!

Petal Blossom: What is it Baby Green?

Baby Green:
Haven't you noticed all the new G3 ponies are boring shades of pink and purple?

Petal Blossom:
Ahem!!  Oh really?

Baby Green:
Yeah!  I got a great idea for a custom contest.  Why don't we have people design new, original G3s?

Petal Blossom:
(smiles) Now, why didn't I think of that?
Hairless Baby Ember: Sounds like fun!  And, as a prize, we can get Aikarin to make a custom of the winning design!

Baby Bellaluna:
You really think she'll do it?  She rarely accepts custom requests.

Hairless Baby Ember: I'm positive!  I know how much she loves well-designed custom ponies!

Baby Bellaluna: Oh, do you think I can enter?  I'm sure I can dream up something really nice...
  News & Updates - June 1st, 2004
June 1st  - The entry deadline has officially passed!  A special "thanks" to everyone who entered. =)  The voting will be delayed by about a week.   I just moved into a new place and it will take about week to set up internet access.  However, I'll try to post the entries before then.  Keep watching this space for updates!
  News & Updates - June 9th, 2004

Hairless Baby Ember: Wow!  49 entries?!  I almost can't believe it!

Petal Blossom: You'd BETTER believe it!  Aikarin spent hours working on these pages, so be sure to spend a lot of time looking over all of these awesome entries!
Hairless Baby Ember: Oh, don't forget, you can CLICK on the PICTURES for close-ups of the ponies and their symbols.
Goody Gumdrop: Don't forget to cast your vote!  There's a link on the last page of the entries.  No cheating...only one vote per person!  Voting ends on June 20th.
Hairless Baby Ember: Hey, gimme my hat back!
Petal Blossom: And remember...these designs belong to their respective creators.  Names will be added after the voting ends.  Absolutely NO "borrowing/stealing/copying" of ideas here.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Click here for Page 1 of the Entries

  News & Updates - June 21st, 2004

Rainbow Dash: Hmmm...we can't find Petal Blossom anywhere.  I wonder what happened to her?  Anyway, the show must go on!
Click the link below to see the WINNERS!

Click here for the winners

  Entry Information
Please read the following carefully:
  • Pony must be your own UNIQUE design.  No G3's based on G1's, etc.
  • Design must be a NEW one, not shown or created elsewhere.
  • Pony's base must be from a readily available 3rd Generation pony ($10 or less, please!  I'm not going to be customizing rares!)
  • Entries can be hand-drawn and scanned or computer drawn.  I suggest including a detailed close-up of your symbol design.  Pony outlines can be found on Hasbro's site.
  • Entries will be kept anonymous until after judging...please do NOT put your signature on your picture.  Your name will be added after the judging.
  • Please keep your designs "kid friendly"...stuff that you can display at an elementary school.  I don't want a bunch of disgruntled parents e-mailing me! =)
  • Entry Deadline is May 31st, 2004

Additional information:

  • YOU remain the owner of your design.  All copyrights belong to you.
  • Feel free to add accessories, props, etc.  I won't be judging these, but it may make your design more appealing.  You can even write a story for your pony if you feel like it. =)

Click here to see a sample entry

Entry deadline has'll have to wait until next year! =(

A few of my friends and I will be judging the entries.  We will be selecting three winners.  Judging is NOT based on your rendering, but on your design.  So, if you're not good at drawing or coloring, you can still win as long as we think your idea is great! =)  

Another award, the "People's Choice", will be determined by voting on the site from June 9th to June 20th.  Now, I think a nicely rendered drawing would help here...

Don't think you're a good designer or a good artist?  C'mon, you don't have anything to lose!  We will also be giving away a few random prizes.

What contest wouldn't be complete without prizes? ;)   All prizes are provided by Aikarin (me!).  Yes, I'm paying for shipping too.  What a deal!  In the rare event that the base body you want is no longer available in stores, I will substitute the next best pony.

1st Place - Custom pony of your design made by Aikarin!  Includes a custom printed box too =)
2nd Place - Randomly chosen custom bait pony, some custom hair, symbol glitter, and a surprise.
3rd Place - Randomly chosen good to near-mint condition pony and a surprise.

People's Choice Award - A Mint In Box 3rd generation pony as the base for your custom.  I'll include some supplies I have on hand.

Random Prizes - custom bait ponies or a special surprise gift.


Q: Can I enter a pink or purple pony?
A: Yes.  A lot of Hasbro's new ponies are pink or can make yours pink or purple too =)

Q: Can I change the base color of the pony?
A: I'd prefer that you leave the base color the same.  If I'm not too busy in June, I may be able to repaint the pony's base color.  If not, I'll select a pony with a similar body color for the winning custom.  Example: You picked Starswirl as your base pony, but you wanted yellow instead of white.  I'd use either a Bumblesweet or Butterscotch for your pony.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No.  But if you're under 18, you must have your parent's permission to enter.  Make sure that they know if you are a winner, you will need to provide your address (so I can send the prizes to you!).

Q: Can I tell others about the custom I created for the contest?
A: I'd prefer that you keep it a secret until after the voting.  That way, the voting is less likely to be affected by the creator's popularity.

Q: Can I submit a pegasus or unicorn?
A: Yes.  However, I'd prefer that you submit an Earth pony.  A pegasus or unicorn will require the addition of parts and this may require a repaint.  It's much harder to make a repainted pony look completely natural.


Since I'll be very busy until June, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could help me advertise the contest =)

Please use the banner below (or one of your own, if you wish)

and link to

Many thanks for your participation!

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