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Storm Chaser - Midsummer Contest Winner!
Storm Chaser
*** 2004 Midsummer Pony Custom Design Competition Winner! ***
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Kate
Custom by Aikarin

Storm Chaser is the 2004 Midsummer Pony Custom Design Competition winner.  Her design was picked from 49 entries by a panel of my friends.

Storm Chaser's designer, Kate, included the above picture and symbol design with her description.  The base pony selected was lavender in color.

From Kate's entry form:
"Storm Chaser is a blue/light purple pony with a mixture of silvery white and dark purple streaks in her hair. Her eye is a dark shade of purple with a blue highlight.  Her symbol is a stormy cloud with a shower of sparkly stars that fall down her front leg to her hoof."

Storm Chaser's non-display side.  Like the other third-generation ponies, she only has a symbol on the display side.

She was re-rooted with saran hair in silver and dark purple.  Her hair looks wind-tossed.  I layered her tail to give it more body, since the saran hair was so flat.

She has a glittery star in each eye.  Please excuse the glare!

Her symbols were initially made in pure silver glitter, but they didn't show up very well against the pale lavender background.  So, each part was outlined in silver ink.  This seemed to work well...I really like how the design looks now.

Storm Chaser's story, as written by Kate:

"Storm Chaser loves the thrill of the chase, brave and noble, she will always chase the storm clouds away.   In the fields, the grasslands, and the thickets of trees, one can see nature herself bowing to the wind.   Storm chasers motto is to have the faith in yourself to carry on, and no matter what the world throws at you, to never stop trying."

Storm Chaser is taking a trip across the ocean.  She's going to her new home in the United Kingdom!
Storm Chaser is NOT FOR SALE.  [note: box pics removed due to legal reasons]
Interesting tidbit: Storm Chaser's cartoon sketch was seen on VH1's I Love Toys show.

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