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Enchanted Paradise
the annual custom design competition!

People's Choice Finalists!
A lot of people had a hard time choosing a pony to vote for, among all of the WONDERFUL entries!  Most of the votes were fairly evenly spread out...almost all of the ponies received at least one vote.  There was a tie for the 10th finalist spot, so there are 11 ponies presented here.

You can click on the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

*drumroll* And here are the wonderful finalists for the People's Choice Award (presented in alphabetical order):

Custom Pony's Name: Birdie of Paradise
Base Pony: Kiwi Tart (yellow)
Description: Resembled after a Bird of Paradise, she has a striking yellow base colour with a tail that is predominantly a dark chestnut with a tan stripe down the middle. Her mane starts with a white tuft in the front, then tan in the front, fading to the same dark chestnut. She has emerald eyes, a leafy vibrant colour and her symbol is a feather with a chestnut stem and a tan colouring to the feather. On her hoof she sports an eighth note, related to her songlike nature.
Story: Birdie has lived on a small island (just off of the coast of the newly discovered Butterfly Island) her whole life and spends most of her time singing and playing with her best friends, the birds of the island.
She would rather be singing in the treetops with her live songbird accompaniment than to ever be caught singing in the shower.
Her symbol and cutie mark represent her birdlike attributes and her love for song.
Custom Pony's Name: Enchanted Evening
Base Pony: Daisyjo (purple)
Description: Enchanted Evening is purple with black points on her legs, nose and ears. Her mane and tale are dark blue, light purple and pink streaked mane. Her eyes are the same dark blue as her main with touch of aqua in them. Her symbol is that of a magic wand over two aqua swooshes (representing water) with small dots of white and pale yellow sprinkling out from the wand (representing stars).
Story: Enchanted Evening is a pony who enjoys making people's wishes come true. With a wave of her wand, she can make the night become a magical time of fun and reverie for all the ponies and their friends. From the shadows she watches them before laughing merrily and slipping off to spread her magic.
Custom Pony's Name: Mandalla
Base Pony: Winterberry (white)
Description: Mandalla is a white, jeweled, earth pony, with a soft purple eye, with pink high light in it, and a yellow star.  Her mane and tail alternate colors from pink to light blue.  On her leg is a tattoo of a yin yang which is an almost turquoise and baby pink. The tattoo itself has a jewel in the center of the flower and the petal colors are turquoise, baby pink, and the outer petals are the color of the jewel.
Story: Mandalla is the wisest of all the ponies.  When another pony needs help finding an answer they go to her.  She enjoys helping others but also loves to take long walks through the woods and by the beach.
Entry #107
Custom Pony's Name: Moonbow Ripple
Base Pony: Shenanigans (blue)
Description: Moonbow Ripple is a blue mermaid pony with dark blue fins. She has a light blue mane with white and black streaks in it. Her hair style is different than most ponies - her bangs are really long and touch the ground, and the mane is G-1 length. On her left cheek is a white moon outlined in silver with silver accented craters. Her eyes are dark blue.
Story: Moonbow Ripple is a very quiet and solemn pony. She rarely ever goes near other ponies, unless they are in need of her magical help.
Entry #53
Custom Pony's Name: Nacar Touch
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Nacar Touch is a white earth pony with white and brown hair. Her symbol is a brown/white seashell with three incrusted white pearls. She also have pastel orange marks in both sides, and three incrusted white pearls as a hoof mark.
Story: Early in the morning Nacar Touch awakes and head to the Ponyville shores to gather seashells for her collection. Sometimes she got tired and fall asleep in the sand. She enjoys making necklaces and bracelets for her fellow ponies. What a wonderful friend she is!
Entry #19
Custom Pony's Name: River
Base Pony: Shenanigans (blue)
Description River is a light pastel blue pony with white, soft, not all too long hair with a dark purple streak in her mane. Her tail shades from white to dark purple towards the end. Her eye is a light pastel yellow colour. Her symbol is sunlight shining on water represented in an "'expressionistic" way, with brushstrokes overlapping each other. Her hoof mark consists of three brush stroke lines of white, blue and dark purple colour.
Story: River lives in a little cottage near the Rainbow Stream. She loves painting, especially sunshine reflections on water. She also loves to spend time with her friends on Pony Meadow in the sun. She tells them she collects sunbeams for the cold winter days when she will share them with everyone in Ponyville!
Entry #13
Custom Pony's Name: Soldier Pony
Base Pony: Crystal Crown (green)
Description: Camouflage hair cut to an almost spike.  Also the face is camouflaged. (dark green-light olive green- tan/med- light tan). The tail is mixture of all colors while the mane is stripes of each color. The symbol on the rump is of a Golden Star, 5 darker lines coming from points of star to a small circle.  Has Clydesdale markings on feet.
Story: The brave pony, in the face of danger will join it brother and sisters in the name of freedom and peace. Look to the sky and see the dream of all the ones lost in this life, for non can replace the freedom they give or the love that was fought for family and friends.
Custom Pony's Name: Sunset Passage
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Sunset Passage is a bright white pony with gorgeous red hair and has a small yellow streak in her hair. Her eyes are a sunkissed orange. Her symbol is a setting sun full of bright red rays as it sets below the oceans reflective glass like water. There are 4 butterflies accentuating the sunset. She has a butterfly for a her hoof mark. Her non display side is blank like all G3's.
Story: Sunset Passage loves to watch the sun as it sets cascading its brilliantly colorful rays across the oceans calming waves. She never misses a sunset and loves to invite her pony friends along to watch. Not only do they enjoy the sunset they have so much fun seeing all the vibrant butterflies!
Custom Pony's Name: Sushi Blossom
Base Pony: Minty (green)
Description: Light green pony with
green, silver/white hair and a pink streak.
Symbol is a sushi roll in a pair of chop sticks. Surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Story: Sushi Blossom loves to each out. She always has her chopsticks ready, in case her friends want to got out for some Japanese food!
Custom Pony's Name: Tribal Dreams
Base Pony: Sky Wishes (pink)
Description: Tribal Dreams is an earth pony, pink body with pinkish purple tribal markings, she has white hair with black and dark pink stained stripes (like the Berrytowns). Her symbol is purple/pink tribal sun and her hoof mark its a purple/pink tattoo.
Story: It's no secret to all ponies in Ponyville Tribal Dreams' passion for the sun an the waves. She love to surf and is always ready for an adventure. Her pony friends love to invite her to parties, because she's so funny and crazy.
Custom Pony's Name: Zodiac
Base Pony: Bow Tie (white)
Description: Zodiac is a pure white pony with black hair. Her mane and tail are black. Zodiac's symbol is the Chinese Yin and Yang Symbol. Her eyes are dark red. Her magnet hoof is marked with the Chinese character for Horse.
Story: Zodiac is a very Zen and calm pony. But when the party's on......she's the first on the dance floor! Her hobbies are making friends, exploring, and dancing. She loves to eat dumplings. Strangely, she can't eat anything without a bright red Chili!

Sorry, but voting is over.  Please stop by the main page in a few days for the winners!

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