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Designing a Custom Pony - Every good pony starts with a good plan! Designing a Custom Pony
  Birth of a Custom Pony - Step-by-step basics of making a custom pony Birth of a Custom Pony
General Customizing/Restoration FAQ - General FAQ on bait preparation & body painting General FAQ

All About HAIR FAQ - Everything you wanted to know about hair, and then some! ^_^
Sculpting and Extra Parts FAQ - Ever dream of a G3 unicorn or winged beast or a pony with a 3D symbol?  Then you'll want to read this FAQ!

Re-rooting/Re-hairing Tutorial
- It's about time!  Simple, but effective method of re-rooting
All about Hair Frequently Asked Questions
Using Pony Clippings - Easy guide to reusing pony hair
New Tail Tutorial - Easiest way to give your pony a shiny new tail

Deflocking Tutorial - Turning your manky so-softs into sleek non-so-softs
Merpony Tutorial - Learn how to sculpt your very own Mermaid Pony! Merpony Tutorial at
Hoof Magnet Removal - Take a hoof magnet out of a 3rd generation pony 
Decal Tutorial - How to use store-bought water slide decals to decorate a pony
Gradient Tutorial - How to paint a pony with a gradient faded hooves/points
Eye Painting Tutorial - Step-by-step instructions for eye painting along with extra tips
Piercing Tutorial
- punk pony gets new adornments!
Miniature Knitting Tutorial - Notes on knitting pony legwarmers on tiny needles
Ice Skating Pony Pictures - Pics detailing the disassembly of an ice skating pony.  FYI only; I don't recommend actually attempting this.
Product Reviews - Aikarin tries new products, so you won't have to ^_^ customizing product reviews

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