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  New Tail Tutorial
A lot of people have been asking "how do I make a new tail".  It's seems pretty easy to me, but then again, I've made hundreds of tails and I've restored/cleaned hundreds of ponies. ^_^
There are MANY ways to do this...I've listed the "easiest" way here.
  • pony with the head removed (LOL, that may become another tutorial)
  • hair that is TWICE your desired final length
  • needle nose pliers
  • yarn or twine of some sort, preferably synthetic material.  Some people use twist ties, wire, ribbon, or cable ties.  You don't have to re-use the original Hasbro metal parts...why would you since they are prone to rusting?  No one's going to see the inside of your pony except for you! ^_^
Step 1: Remove the pony's head.  

Most new style ponies with turning heads don't require cutting.  Just twist the head & use a little brute force. ^_~
With older ponies, cut about 0.25" deep all around the neck seam with an x-acto knife (kids - ask your parents to do this for you!).  Then twist to get the head off.  Sometimes, there is a lot of glue and head removal is almost impossible.  Try softening the pony by soaking in hot water.

Step 2: Reach into the pony with your needle nose pliers, grasp the tail, and pull it out through the neck hole.


Close-up view of the original tail.  This is the end inside the pony.  The metal bar is crimped onto the hair, keeping it in place.  This part doesn't rust often, but sometimes it will develop a green patina in G3s.

The tail ring keeps the tail from being pulled out of the pony.  This part frequently rusts...almost every single G1 pony will have some degree of tail rust.

Step 3: Cutting hair to TWICE your desired length

Shown to the right: This 12" segment will result in a final 6" tail length, since it is folded in half at the midpoint and secured inside the pony.  

Below: A diagram of how I like to prep nylon hair for ponies with standard length hair.  I cut each skein into three 12" segments.  I find this the best way to minimize waste. ^_^

Step 4: Inserting the tail

Insert your needle nose pliers through the INSIDE of the pony and grasp the open ends on a piece of string.  The string doesn't have to be a specific length, although really short lengths are hard to work with.  The string is just some acrylic yarn, so it won't attract moths or decay.
Step 5: Loading your hair

Place the hair inside the closed loop on the outside of the pony.  Tug gently on the open ends to pull the tail through to the neck opening.  Don't pull too far, otherwise the tail will slip out!  You want to support the hair with your other hand, so it stays nice and even.

Step 6: Tie a knot

Use your string to tie a knot in the middle of the hair.

Step 7: Secure the hair

Using another length of string, wind inside and outside of your loops in a figure eight pattern.  It's easier than it looks and it doesn't need to be perfect.  This will keep the string from slipping.

Step 8: Finish securing the hair

Knot the string several more times to ensure a sturdy wrap.  Trim off loose ends.  ^_^

Step 9: Repositioning the hair

While holding onto the knot, pull the tip of the tail gently.  Keep pulling until the knot holds the hair firmly in place.  Comb, trim, and style as desired. ^_^  Tada!  Your pony now has a lovely new tail.

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