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Well, I wrote this section a year after the pony was disassembled.  I never did anything with her...instead, she got sent to another customizer to make a rearing pony.  

Mainly, these pics are reference pictures, so you can see how to re-assemble this pony.  I do not recommend customizing one of is VERY difficult and tedious to take the ponies apart.  And, it's even harder piecing her back together.

So, why did I even attempt this?  Well, wouldn't it be nice to have a 3rd generation rearing pony? ^_~

Before disassembly
Here's Glitter Glide...she's an ice skating pony.  The other one in the series is Loop-De-La, a ballet pony.
The base
Here's a close-up of her base.  The metal connection on the ice skating blade touches the terminal on the stand.  This makes her crown light up.


Crown removed
I used an x-acto knife to slice the crown from her head. 

Youch! >_< Maybe I can call this the "pony lobotomy" tutorial.

Neck removal
I sliced her neck open along the seam.  Notice how the piece is embedded in her head..
Neck removal part 2
Using the x-acto knife, I cut around the plastic.  A screw connects the top and bottom pieces..
Shoe removal
The ice skates are glued into place.  She has holes in the bottom of her feet for the wires.

 Here is a picture of the parts.  I believe the midsection was taken apart the same way as the neck...for some odd reason, I don't have the pics of this.
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