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  Designing a Custom Pony
Below are some basic guidelines for designing a custom pony. Remember, these are just guidelines...don't let them hinder your creativity!

If you are ordering a custom pony from me, you will need to specify your choice of design elements.

Please note: I will NOT make customs based off Hasbro designs, like "baby" ones based off an existing adult.  Also, I am not making customs that use copyrighted logos or names, unless you obtain permission from the owners.

Design elements:

Examples to guide you along:

Body type & pose 3rd gen Toola Roola
Common styles: Earthlings, Unicorns, Pegasi, Flutters, 3rd generation ponies

Harder to find poses: Sweetheart Sisters, Babies, Seaponies

Very hard to find: Big Brothers, Windy/Summerwings, Teeny Tiny ponies, Newborns

Also note: adult ponies take a lot longer to re-root.  Certain heads/bodies can be combined to make alicorns.  Or horns can be attached to heads.  Any pony that needs a "transplant" should be completely re-painted.
Body color Original Sparkling Purple For the most realistic ponies, use the pony's natural color & leave it unpainted. Keep in mind the symbol may stain the pony!  In these cases, they will need a full re-paint.

White, solid pastels, and neons are the most typical colors.  No original ponies were made in black, dark gray, or forest green.

Very few neutral color ponies existed, like Macau brown Snuzzle or regular Snuzzle.

Options: swirled, metallic colors, pearly coats, gradations, speckling.

Hair color Dancing Butterflies Yellow with iridescent tinsel in the tail
I prefer using real pony hair.  The texture of synthetic hair just isn't the same!

Other choices: Kanekalon hair & Saran hair.

Options: tinsel (specify color), custom dyed, horizontally or vertically striped hair


Swirled heart design in gold glitter

Pony symbols are usually simple 1-2 color designs.

Options: Twice as Fancy designs, cheek symbols, glittery symbols

For commissioned customs: I prefer to work from your sketch, but I can also design a symbol for you.

Eye color

Orange & yellow swirled with dot

Usually is a corresponding shade to match or contrast with the pony's body color.

Options: eye symbols, twinkle eyes, eyeshadow

Iridescent hair clip

Ribbons, crowns, cloaks, pony wear, jewelry, hair clips, etc.


Pony names are usually descriptive.  They are usually related to a pony's symbol or color.

A Word of Caution on Dyeing Ponies:
All of my customs that need a color change are re-painted. 
I don't dye pony bodies for the following reasons:
1. they tend to fade with time, usually unevenly
2. they can stain other ponies they come into contact with
3. it is difficult to dye them evenly to begin with
4. dye can seep into the pony's hair

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