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  US Ponies - early years
Series Name & Condition (display/actual)
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Flat Foot Ponies
(a word about FF ponies - they are prone to tipping forward...this is "normal")
Collector's Pose Earth Ponies
Earth Ponies
Rainbow Ponies
Trickles - NDS - G/G - 2nd set Rainbow Pony.  Forelock trim.  Symbols have lost a lot of glitter.  Some paint bleeding into plastic.  Eyelash fading.  Small dots on NDS cheek. $6
Early Pegasi
Early Unicorns
Skyflier - NDS - NM/NM - gorgeous pony on display with vibrant color, lovely hair, stripe that is still pale pink, almost perfect symbols.  NDS symbol has a trace of fading on the lower left kite. Tail is a little dry at the very tips.  Tiny barely noticeable dirt scuff on right cheek (didn't want to try cleaning it because it might damage the blush).  Mouth has a tiny bit of scuffing.  $7
Sparkler - NDS - NM/NM - no major marks anywhere, symbols look great, just a tiny spot of blue color fading on DS symbol edge.  Hair is a little wavy, I think this is original.  Base color looks great too.  I don't believe this pony has been washed - should be even better when she gets a deep cleaning.  Comes with original white moon comb. $12
Twinkle Eyed
TE Sweet Stuff - NDS - VG/VG - symbols look great, hair is all there but a bit frizzy.  No major marks, but there is a 1/4" light brownish spot under the bent hoof in the "elbow" area.  There's also a tiny dimple near the tail. Eyes have no dents, but the iridescent coating is almost all gone. $8
Sea Ponies (adults)
So-Soft Ponies
North Star - NDS - NM/NM - Hair is nice, color is pretty good.  Flocking is pretty clean, but a little darkened with age.  Has some flocking rubs on ear tips, hooves, NDS wings.  Also flattened areas of flocking on face.  Thinned area around neckline. $6
  US Ponies - later years
Big Brother


Brush 'n' Grow
Curly Locks - (pink pegasus) - non-display side - NM/VG - tail doesn't work, but you can still tuck it in.  Surface dirt.  Nice symbols.  Few light pink neon spots, mostly hidden under hair.  Stripe of pink is a nice baby pink color. $6
Candy Cane
Colorswirl None   
Dance n' Prance Top Hat (purple/crumpet golden hair) - non-display side - M/NM - gorgeous cleaned pony.  Tail mechanism doesn't work the way it's supposed to.  You can twirl the tail by turning the knob, but it won't wind up and twirl on its own. shipped
Songster - NDS - M/NM - great pony & tail spinning mechanism works perfectly!  Looks like new. $5
Flower Fantasy
Glow n' Show
Happy Tails

Tabby - NDS - NM/VG - Looks great, with lovely hair.  Inside is perfect, no rust, mechanism works.  Needs surface clean, but no major marks that I can see.  Might have slight head/body mismatch...or perhaps it'll clear up with a bath?
Comes with an aqua butterfly brush!

Magic Message
none currently  
Perfume Puff
Red Roses - NDS - M/NM - almost perfect condition.  Still smells nice.  Has tiny smudge on NDS symbol & very tiny NDS blush rub.  Hair is clean & brushed out, still very pink. Forelock is intact, but little frizzy.  Has some very tiny red marks on NDS cheek. $30
Sweet Suds - pink with blue hair - non-display side - M/NM - from collection.  Great hair & well groomed!  Very clean.  Only flaw is the barest hint of symbol scuffing.
Comes with a pink seapony comb (not hers originally, obviously!).
Precious Pocket
none currently     
Princess Ponies
none currently   
Princess Brush n' Grow
Glittering Gem - NDS - M/NM - great color & hair.  Tail mechanism works perfectly.  Gem has a dent.  Some small dirty areas, but they look cleanable. $8
Stargleamer - NDS - G/F - clean pony.  hair frizz & NDS major symbol rub.  Small dents to gem.  Tail mechanism works.  Overall color looks a bit faded. $5
Merry Go Round
none currently  
Rainbow Curl
none currently  
Rockin' Beat Ponies
none currently   
Secret Surprise
none currently    
Sippin' Soda Ponies none currently     
Sparkle Ponies

none currently

Sundae Best
none currently    
Sunshine Ponies
none currently    
Sweetberry Ponies none currently   
Sweetheart Sisters
SHS Twinkler - NDS - VG/VG - displays beautifully.  Glittered areas are thick and sparkly.  Only rubs are the very last spot or flower on the front legs near the hoof.  Very unusual...since they're almost entirely rubbed off.  Hair is nice and full of tinsel.  Missing earring.  Faint pink highlighter mark on NDS flank. $8
Sweet Sundrop - NDS - Head - NM/NM - rare SHS, so very close to being perfect!  This SHS has lovely light pink hair, intact earring, nice eyes & eyeshadow.  Symbols are good too.  Hair has been re-curled.  Left front leg has two pin point sized dots near the edge, very hard to see on display. $12
Sweet Steps Ballerina none currently  
Sweet Talkin' Ponies none currently
Tropical Ponies
none currently   
Twice as Fancy
Dancing Butterflies - NDS - M/NM - Almost perfect pony.  Hair is curly & gorgeous.  Symbols are great.  Only flaws are very tiny, pale blue stains at the tip of the wings and DS eyelash rubs.  These flaws are not very noticeable on display.  Comes with a blue sun pick. $10


  3rd generation ponies
 Note: These ponies were bought originally to customize, so they are arranged by base color.
 Then, I realized I'm never going to be able to customize them all! 
 Some boxes aren't perfect; please ask if that is a concern.
 They can also be shipped without the boxes, to decrease mailing costs.
Green none    
Rainbow Dash - NDS - 1st release - out of package, hair was braided, but otherwise mint.  I'm the original owner.  Comes with blue charm and brush. $6
  3rd generation Playsets
none currently   
none currently   

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