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  Mint in package, Mint on Card, and Mint in Box

MIP ponies are from my own collection.  Overall, they are in great shape.  Some packages still have original Hasbro factory tape, which naturally yellows with age.  They are stored out of sunlight to prevent fading.
MIB 3rd gens are listed with the Adult ponies.

none at this time

   Mail Order Ponies, Variants, Holiday Ponies
Dabble - NDS - VG/G - very rare pony, but she has some issues: mane hair is fading and green areas are totally white.  I can re-dye the stripes at the buyer's request.  Also, she had someone's name written on a back leg, so I placed her body in sunlight until it faded away.  Worked well, but now her body is a slightly lighter shade than her head!  Pretty hard to notice, though.  Symbols look good.  There's a little yellow paint on the NDS symbol...I might try to remove it one of these days.  Has a pale tiny purplish dot on her DS rear leg. $75
Rapunzel - NDS - Rear - Symbol - Braids - Eye Close-Up - NDS Front View - M/NM - wow, this is the mother of mail order ponies!  I bought this pony from eBay many years ago, from someone who had her from childhood.  Base color is lovely, no pen marks.  Symbols are perfect.  DS eye has a slight rub.  DS front leg has a tiny pin-sized dimple on it (very hard to see even if you know it's there, doesn't show up in pics).  Original curls & two very rare, original "I luv you" clips.  Does NOT come with her comb.  Tinsel is relatively straight.  I gave her a careful surface clean, but the neck seal is still intact.  No rattling, no traces of tail rust.  Stands great on her own.  Very slight glue excess around neck and very mild blush rubs, for the super picky. ^_^ Shipped
Pale Windy - NDS - Symbol - the ever controversial White Windy to some.  Nobody has ever seen a MIP White Windy.  I don't think she exists, but is rather a faded UK variant with symbols that have a "bluer" hue.  This one was probably from the UK, but I don't remember for sure.  Her color is a slight off-white, similar to Baby Princess Sparkle, and not pure white like Majesty (see pics below).  Insides are the same color.  Head is a shade darker than the body.

She has all of the "White Windy" characteristics, like being a little taller than regular Windy, very slight blue tinges to the edges to her symbols.  All of the so-called White Windys have "blue" symbols, which aren't really a pure blue like Majesty's, but look like a dark bluish purple compared to a regular Windy.  Her symbols aren't faded & I wouldn't consider them blue, but they're certainly different than regular Windy's.  Perhaps she's the missing link?  Still, a lovely Windy variant for your collection.

Almost perfect condition, except with traces of ingrained dirt at hoof/horn tips and tail is a little dry.

Here are some comparison pics:
Pale Windy & Original Windy - side view
Pale Windy & Original Windy - front view
Pale Windy & Original Windy - another side view
Pale Windy & MO Majesty - side view
Pale Windy & MO Majesty - another side view

UK Art Time Prototype - Another DS Picture - NDS - Hair - Inside the Head - Inside the Body - coral pink painted pony with yellow colored hair.  Eyes/symbols look like they were painted, but very precisely.  Purple freckles.  Eyes & symbols do have smudges.  Head looks "pinker" than body. Shipped
UK Music Time Prototype - NDS - Face - Hair - Inside - bright magenta pony painted yellow with purple hair.  Eyes/symbols are smudged.  Paint has some rough areas & wear at ear tips. Shipped

UK Play Time Prototype - NDS - Head - Symbol - Inside - orange peach pony painted turquoise with magenta hair.  Eyes/symbols are smudged.  Paint has some rough areas & wear at ear tips.



   Mail Order & International Baby Ponies
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  German Ponies
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  Italian Ponies
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  Macau Ponies
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  No Country Ponies
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   UK Ponies
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