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Pony Ordering & Inquiry Form
This form is designed to make checking pony availability and shipping costs easier.

Important: If you're under 18 years old, PLEASE check with your parents before purchasing ponies.  Thank you! ^_^

Please note: the site experienced a security breach recently, so this form has been DISABLED until I can figure out what is going on.  Use it as a template & send me an e-mail at

Your Name (or pony name): 
Your e-mail address:
(used solely for pony order communication )

Shipping info:
(If in the US, please provide your ZIP code.
If outside the US, please list your country)

Preferred payment method:

Paypal, US money orders, or cash at your own risk

Purchasing timeframe:

Not sure, ASAP, 1 week, 2 weeks

**Please note: Ponies will be placed "on hold" for two weeks ONLY if you select a valid payment option AND specific time frame.**
If you are already purchasing other ponies or waiting for custom orders, your ponies will be placed on hold until these items are ready.
You can always change your mind and take ponies off hold, but just let me know as early as possible so other collectors can have a chance to purchase them!

Ponies you are interested in purchasing:

PLEASE NOTE: the only customs for sale are listed on the 
Customs For Sale Page

Additional comments or questions:


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