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  Baby Ponies
Dibbles - NDS - VG/VG.  light orange pegasus with white hair.  Needs a bath, has some ingrained dirt granules on hoof edges, wing & ear tips.  Hair is a bit frizzy at the ends.  Symbols look pretty good.  Has a mark under a hoof that looks removable.  Head has not been removed. $8
Jangles - NDS - M/NM.  light teal green with yellow hair.  Lovely pony with no major defects.  Missing one plug at the bottom of her mane...likely a factory error.  Body has some slight playwear on edges where color isn't as bright. $10
Jebber - NDS - VG/VG.  teal unicorn with light pink hair.  NDS foot forward.  Looks clean overall, has some glue residue around neck, bright pink marks on DS head visible in pics.  Hair is nice, still pink.  Symbols are perfect.  Has tiny bit of color fading at hoof edges.  Hasn't been bathed.  Has a bit of surface dirt, which may be removable.  $5
Nibbles - NDS - VG/VG.  pink pegasus with yellow hair.  Eyes & blush look great.  Looks like she needs a bath.  Has slight trace of tail rust and a few very faint marks that may be removable.  Symbols have faded a bit.  Hair is a little frizzy at the ends.  Head has not been removed. $5
Sleep Tight - NDS - M/NM - pink with teal hair, baby carriage symbol.  From Slumber Party gift pack.  Very HTF.  Symbols, hair look fantastic.  Has a tiny pin-point dot on DS eye, I think this is a factory paint defect.  I can repair it if you wish. $10
Sleepy Head - NDS - M/NM - pale blue with pink hair, pajama symbols.  From Slumber Party gift pack.  One of the hardest to find newborns & one of the last ones I got for my collection!  Looks pretty good, although I feel the color is fading a bit at the ear/muzzle tips.  NDS symbol has the tiniest hint of fading. $10
Squirmy - NDS - yellow with teal hair, snail symbol.  Needs a bath.  Original curls.  Some small blush rubs.  Hair is a bit unruly, but should clean up beautifully.  Faint pale pink mark on front leg (doesn't show up in pics). $8
Yo-yo - NDS - NM/VG.  purple pegasus with faded pink hair.  Tail has faded almost to white.  Really nice overall.  Small, light, tiny marks to DS...not noticeable on display because they blend into her body color. $7
Baby Brothers
Ballerina Babies
Beddy Bye Eyed
Earthling Babies
Drink n' Wet Babies None    
Fancy Pants Babies None   
First Tooth Babies
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe - NDS - NM/VG - clean, no major marks, smells a tad musty.  Hair is nice & intact.  Tail is just a little frizzy.  NDS eye has a rub & symbols have some fading around the edges.  Also seems to have a patch of glue or scratch (?) on DS cheek.  I can probably remove it, but it will also take off her blush. Comes with a pink duck comb (likely from Baby Leafy, not hers originally) $12
Mermaid Babies
Paradise Babies
Peek-a-boo Babies
Pegasus Babies
Rainbow Babies
Sparkle Babies
Teeny Tiny Babies Lil Giggles - NDS - lavender with blue hair - needs some grooming, but should end up M/NM.  Just has very, very small eye rub and blush rub. $8
Lil Honey Pie - NDS - blue with lavender hair - VG/VG - has some small marks on NDS head and minor color fading, otherwise looks great! $6
Lil Whiskers - NDS - white with light pink hair - M/NM.  Looks perfect.  Only got a point deducted because her hair isn't bright vibrant's more of a light pink.  Original curls.  Hasn't been cleaned, but she looks almost new already.  Comes with light blue bear brush! $12
Teeny Tiny Tootsie #2 - NDS - purple with yellow hair, boot on cheek.  Also with some surface dirt/uncleaned.  Should clean up M/NM.  DS symbol's yellow color printed just a bit outside of the outlines. $10


   Baby Sea Ponies
Regular None  
Watercolor None  

  3rd generation Baby Ponies (listed by base color)
None at this time!  
Pink Sunsparkle - M/OOP - sparkly purplish pink with yellow/magenta/peach/purple striped hair.  No accessories. $6
Orange None at this time!  
Butter Drop - M/OOP - yellow with coral hair and tinsel.  Only comes with sun hat; no brush.  Target exclusive. $4
Green None at this time!
Blue None at this time!  
Romperooni - M/OOP.  Dark purple sparkly body with peach/magenta/white hair in stripes.  Comes with a yellow sun visor. $4

   Flutter Ponies / Summerwings / Windywings
Lily - NDS - M/NM - medium purplish pink with lavender hair.  beautiful symbols & body color.  Has some pale blue pinpoint spots on front DS leg, fortunately, it's covered by her hair. ^_^  Hair is a tad dry at the very tips, like most flutters. $5
Morning Glory - NDS - M/NM - bright green with neon chartreuse hair.  Perfect eyes/symbols, no marks on her body.  Only fault is a small one - a DS blush rub. $5
Peach Blossom - NDS - NM/NM - blue with turquoise hair.  Lovely symbols, re-curled hair which feels dry, but looks fine on display.  DS back leg inner surface has a little scratch.  Very tiny marks here & there, which look removable.  No wings, but does include original sticker, silver ribbon, flower pick, and instruction notice. $8
Wing Song (flutter) - NDS - NM/VG - not to be confused with the G3 pony.  Pink pony with aqua blue hair.  Almost perfect symbols, just a hint of fading on NDS.  Left eye has a smudge. $5


   Pony Friends and Others
Fakies (non-Hasbro ponies) None  
Duck Soup - duck from the Waterfall playset.  Looks okay, except for major paint loss. $3
Twinkles - cat from Pretty Parlor playset.  Good condition, except for paint rubs.  Needs surface cleaning. $3
Lil Litters None  
Strawberry Shortcake Pets None  
Surprise Friends (Puppy & Kitty Surprise) kitty and puppy surprisePony Surprise
Bunny Surprise - shipped August 18
Others already SOLD.

All pets are USED, in fair to poor condition, and require cleaning.
Click on picture for enlarged view.
$2.00 each
Surprise Friends
kitty surprise collar Very rare Kitty Surprise mom's collar

Click on picture for enlarged view.

$6 - only one available
Sylvanian Families and related animals
Brown bear with pink birthday outfit?  I really have no clue what its name looks like a Sylvanian animal, but its arms & legs don't move.  Fairly clean with rubs to hands, velcro indentations on the back.  It is a little bit taller than the gray bear next to it (who is Ashley Evergreen, a small gray Sylvanian bear). $1 

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