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Disclaimer: Use these tips at your own risk!  I assume no responsibility for damaged ponies. If you are in doubt, test on a common/custom bait or fakie first.
DO NOT USE ACETONE (NAIL POLISH REMOVER) or goo-gone on So-soft ponies or on eyes/symbols.
DO NOT USE HOT WATER on So-softs - it will loosen the flocking on SOME ponies! 
Bleach may turn some white ponies yellow (especially so-softs!)
Do not use abrasive cleaners on glittery symbols!
DO NOT USE BLEACH on Twinkle Eyes or Flutter Wings or Princess Symbols!!  It will take the coating right off!  Also DO NOT BLEACH any pony which will be customized - it will continue working and fade your symbols/paint over time.

1. Brush hair with a large comb.  Don't use small pony combs - they will break!   Start at the ends & work your way to the base.  Add some water + conditioner if hair is extremely tangled.
2. Remove head carefully.  Use hot water to soften the glue.  It may be necessary to use an x-acto knife.  Be careful!
3. Spot removal if necessary (see below)
4. Remove tails & metal washers (the cause of tail rust!)  Needle-nose pliers are useful here.
5. Wash with shampoo & toothbrush/sponge
6. Condition & comb hair, trim stray ends
7. Rinse & air dry pony upside-down on towel
8. If curls are desired, wrap tail around pony's legs to dry.  Wrap mane around curlers.
So-softs - use COLD water only to clean.  Gently rub comet cleanser into fur, let soak for a few hours.  Rinse thoroughly with COLD WATER, while brushing with toothbrush.  Don't get the comet into the hair - it will dry it out!
Body - General Problems & Repair Tips
clean_marks.jpg (13836 bytes) Surface Marks
Very common, usually under hooves
This one's unusual in that her whole body is COVERED with pen marks!
try gently cleaning with acetone or goo-gone or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (NOT on So Softs)
(test first on inconspicuous spot!)
be careful with white ponies

Safest method is to place the pony in sunlight - cover areas you don't want to fade, like hair/symbols with aluminum foil.  Check & rotate pony every few days.  Make sure you fade both head & body together!

Darkened or faded area, usually on hooves, ear tips, unicorn horn tips.
try cleaning with bleach or acetone
scrub hard!
usually not completely fixable
Do not use acetone on so-softs.
clean_agespots.jpg (14859 bytes) Age Spots
Very common in older ponies.  Looks like a blurry spot of brown or tan.   Probably due to plastic deterioration.
No known cure/paint over it?  I just leave them alone.
clean_mismatch.jpg (15439 bytes) Staining, Yellowing, Body/Head Color Mismatch
Due to plastic chemical changes over time
usually not fixable
clean_symbolsmudge.jpg (14082 bytes) Symbol Fading/Symbol Rubs/Eye Rubs touch-up with glitter or acrylic paint
clean_saddlesores.jpg (14125 bytes) "Highlighter Marks" or "Saddle Sores" - actually from saddle or bridle! DON'T display or store your ponies with the saddles on!
clean_smooze.jpg (14954 bytes) Smooze
Tiny pin-pricks of dirt or mildew embedded in the plastic.  Most common in early year ponies.  This pic is from a FF Blossom.  It seems like most Collector pose ponies/Birthflowers have this problem.
scrub pony under HOT water (non-so-softs only)
sometimes not completely fixable
clean_mold.jpg (16968 bytes) Internal mold
You open a pony up & the inside is covered in flaky dark brown stuff.   Mold strikes ponies exposed to water or "bathed".  Seaponies & ponies with tail rust are most likely to have mold.
soak entire pony in dilute bleach for 1 day (warning: bleach may fade your pony's color or symbols.  Keep an eye on it)  It will dry out hair (need conditioning afterward)
Someone also suggested using a hydrogen peroxide soak, although I haven't tried this.
clean_nibbles.jpg (16908 bytes) Nibbles - mmmmm...ponies, yum! no known cure; customize the pony?
Bent legs - your pony can't stand up straight.  This is usually from storing the pony with something squishing it. Place paper towels between legs to return them to the proper place.  Wait until they stabilize (a long time!).
Body - Problems Specific to Certain Ponies
Beddy-Bye-Eye Rust/Eyelash Loss treat with rust remover & scrub with toothbrush.  reroot eyelashes
So-Soft Flocking Rubs patch with "fun flock" of the same color
Missing Flutter Pony Wings click here to see my replacement wings!
Twinkle-Eye Coating Loss no known cure
Neon Pony Skin Disease - spots of brighter color on the pony, looks like highlighter marks no known cure.  most commonly seen on: Party Time, Pinwheel
Rusty Glittery Symbols touch up with glitter
Hair - Problems & Repair Tips
clean_forelockcut.jpg (15842 bytes) Forelock Trim, Missing Plugs of Hair, Tail Trim - very common Reroot hair or use a replacement tail
Frizziness Soak with conditioner, gently comb out hair, use hot water to re-straighten.  Severe cases are usually not completely fixable
clean_tailrust.jpg (15893 bytes) Tail Rust - root of the tail looks brown or orange Remove tail, GET RID OF THE METAL WASHER, & treat with rust remover.  Use toothbrush to get stains out of tail.  You may need to scrub with Comet or Ajax cleanser.

Condition the tail and wait until entire pony is 100% dry before re-assembling.  Use a plastic washer or ribbon to hold tail in place.
Color Fading - usually from pink hair to white Re-pink hair with pink Rit dye. Don't get any on the pony!
Princess Pony Tinsel Loss - tinsel is very delicate, be careful when combing your princesses' hair! Reroot with more tinsel

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