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~*~ Grading Ponies ~*~

Condition is very important in determining a pony's worth.
I give ponies two grades - the first is "display condition", which is basically what it looks like on the shelf two feet away.  The second one is the "actual condition", what the pony looks like after you pick it up & inspect it closely.
In general, Flat foots, So-softs and Twinkle Eyes grade worse, because they are more susceptible to damage.  Everyone knows that minty So-softs fetch incredibly high prices!

The scale I use for ACTUAL CONDTION:

100% flawless
Has that crisp, fresh, out-of-the-package look.  I rarely give this rating, even to ponies that I removed from the package myself!

Hair is smooth & silky uncut, no frizzy ends, body color is bright, symbols & eye paint are perfect.  No marks or body damage of any sort.  No playwear.

Gorgeous pony that even picky collectors will love.

Near Mint
Almost perfect!  Some collectors may have a hard time finding a flaw on these ponies.  May have one or two hard-to-detect flaws.

This particular example has a faded pink mark on her muzzle and a really hard to see tiny faded pink spot under her mane.

Very Good
These ponies look nice on display, but they have multiple small flaws or one medium flaw.  Ponies that most collectors keep will probably fit into this category.
These ponies are okay for most collectors, but they have one large flaw or several smaller flaws.  Most played with eBay ponies seem to be in this category.

Notice how nice she photography doesn't capture her flaws well.

She has faded blue pen marks in her ears and four small faded pink pen marks on her legs.  You can't see the faded blue pen marks under her hooves.  Hair & symbols look nice in this example.

Really noticeable flaws, but not bad enough to customize.  Kids, non-picky collectors can still enjoy these ponies

This pony has bright pink pen marks in various spots, smoozing on her front hooves, but her hair & symbols are nice.  It's hard to see these in the pic, but you can see the spot on her rear leg.

Really bad with multiple major flaws like a severe hair cut, serious smooze, large pen marks, chewed/missing parts, etc.

This bait pony has a severe mane trim, very frizzy hair, faded symbols, eye rubs, pen marks, color fading, tail rust, and playwear.  Most baits don't seem as bad off as this one, though!

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