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Number 103 
the Borg Pony
by Aikarin

**note: Running out of bandwidth (over 15 gigabytes in 2 days!!)
so the pictures were moved to a deviantart gallery**

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Also, NEW Borg pony Number 104 is coming soon!
This one will be auctioned off during the first week of November ^_^
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Number 103's "story": 
After a long hiatus, the Borg Ponies return to aikarin.com - and the first pony they assimilated is a 3rd generation pony.  

From a Super Long hair, she first becomes bald.  A new tail made of white and black synthetic hair is added later.  The "veins" on her head were sculpted on, painted, then coated with an iridescent purple glaze.

#103 gets her name from the number Hasbro stamped under her hoof.  No, I didn't make 102 other Borg ponies! =)

#103's head piece was sculpted on first, with a light embedded in it.  Then, the whole apparatus was painted black.

The light/headpiece is not removable.  But it's an LED, so it should last for quite some time.  There is a tiny switch to control the light from the outside.

My digital camera made the light look yellow...it's really supposed to be red.  So, the pic to the left has been corrected using Photoshop. I normally wouldn't do that, but the color was waaaay off. =)

Her eyes were almost completely repainted shiny silver with a strange iridescent crescent.  It shows up as a purplish-pink, but only at certain angles.

Top angled view of #103.  She has fin-like parts on her back and rear legs.  They were painted chrome.  The other chrome colored areas are her front right (magnet) hoof.  Yes, even the magnet is chrome colored.  Instead of a little heart, she has a "port" and a "hose".  Awww...how cute! ;)
Two red Austrian crystals are embedded in the black band on her front hoof.

I intentionally used a paint that gave her a textured "rubbery" like finish.  A departure from my usual method...this pony has obvious bumps and brushstrokes.  The paint felt really neat, but dust particles and everything started sticking to it!  So, she received a glossy coat over the black and chrome areas.
The chrome areas are also "textured"...they are not smooth.
Also note: when I was putting her head back on, I snapped off one of the "tubes".  I glued it back into place.  The polymer I used to sculpt her is very durable, but caution should be used with the more delicate parts.  Therefore, I recommend her for display only.
Overall, I thought she turned out well, but she is NOT perfect  She's more of an experimental pony =)
#103 is signed and dated under one hoof.

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