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A Midsummer Pony's Dream custom design competition!

Entries are listed in the order received.
There are FOUR PAGES of entries.
Click on the pictures for close-ups, if you wish.
Some entries edited for space considerations/typos/personal messages =)
Also, signatures were edited out.  The designer's name will be added after the voting ends.

**tip: jot down the entry number & name of your favorite, so you can vote after viewing all of the entries**

Page 1

Savanna Cat is a yellow earth pony with light beige hair (no tinsel). Her symbol is a caracal's face with it's mouth open slightly. It has bright blue eyes and black tufts of fur on its ears. Her eyes are the same color blue as those of the caracal. Her foot has a beige cat's paw print instead of a heart. She comes with a yellow brush and a blue ribbon on her tail.

Savanna Cat likes spending time outside exploring with her friends. Being very adventurous, she's always the first pony to try something new. Her favorite season is autumn, when she collects fallen leaves for her scrap book.
Forest Faye is a TAF Pegasus. White pony with blue wings/muzzle/and feet. Gold, green, dark blue and light blue hair. Wings outlined in gold. Ivy vines all over body. Red eyes with gold star. Symbol is a heart with gold wings with vines coming out of it.

Forest Faye lives deep within the forests of Ponyville. She loves to go swimming in the pond and chase the squirrels in the woods. She is a very mysterious pony, and is rarely seen outside the woods. she loves adventures and is friends with all the forest animals. One of her close pony friends is Meadowbrooke. Forest Faye is magical and wise.
Bangkok is a white earth pony with a black checkerboard pattern extending from her rear, non-display hoof over her back and shoulder and ending on her right, display shoulder. Her hair is striped black, red, and white. Her symbol is a red knight with gold veining. Her eyes are two-toned jade green and she wears glittery red and gold eyeshadow. She has two black squares on her front, display side hoof.

Bangkok is one smart pony! Chess is her one true love, bordering on an obsession and she's master of every strategy she can learn! Her favorite beverage is green tea and her favorite music is show tunes.
Peacock is a pure white earth pony. Her hair is in three, gradiated tones - blue to dark blue, aqua to dark aqua, and purple to dark purple. Her symbol are three, shimmery peacock feathers running from her rear, display side hoof up the flank. Each feather has a tiny, clear stone set in the "eye". Her own eyes are blue and green - one blue with green highlights, the other green with blue. She wears shimmery blue and purple eyeshadow and has a small, blue, side feather on her front display side hoof.

Diamond Peacock is all about elegance and she wants the best of everything! She's not snobby, however, and is perfectly willing to share her good fortunes with others. She likes opera, good food, and the occasional glass of fine wine. Her favorite times of day are sunrise and sunset, when nature shares its richness with the world.
Hair: alternating streaks of neon green (the shade found in Rainbow Dash's mane, or something close), Medley green, and Surprise yellow.
Eyes: neon green with one white dot as the "glint", like the traditional MLP, no heart or anything else.
Body: a nice matte black
Symbol: three small glowsticks, one neon pink, one bright sky blue, and one neon green. each one surrounded by a glowy "aura" of color a few shades lighter than the glowstick itself. also, there is a neon green heart on her front left hoof.

Night Glow likes to party. She loves dancing to the sounds of techno music in a club with her friends, amongst the sounds, lights, and even the occasional bubble machine! Her favorite time of day is when the sun just starts to go down, and the sun turns orange, like a huge disco ball! Before every party, she likes to tie glowsticks to her hooves and into her mane, so that as she dances, she becomes a flurry of light and color.
Body color: Light blue (like Bubblecup). Mane hair: strawberry pink, sunny yellow, light purple. Tail hair: strawberry pink, light purple. Eye: royal blue, pale blue. Symbol: cross on a hill. Round rock next to a black hole. Sun rising in the background. Hoof symbol: pink heart overlaid with dark purple cross.

Glorious Sonrise (Glory for short) is a joyful pony. Sundays are her favorite days, and she invites her friends to get together to have fellowship and sing their favorite songs.
When she's not gardening her lovely white lilies, she's spreading happiness by blessing her friends and neighbors.
I have seen quite a few Lord of the Rings inspired ponies, many of them uniquely detailed, but none captured the style and love of the My Little Pony. I began with a conceptual drawing of Legolas with a bright leafy green body and bright yellow hair. His symbol was a pair of elven daggers crossed. After tweaking a bit with the symbol design and muted his original body color, I am quite satisfied with the result.
Link's a light green or white pony with golden yellow hair (similar to the color of Sunny Daze's yellow streak), and dark blue (with a mixture of light blue) eyes containing a small pink heart. His symbol is the one and only master sword.
(Captain Jack Sparrow was based on the character from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean")
He must have a dark red bandana on his head, many rastas but well done, not fizzy hair as well...brown hair, a sword.  He must have some clothes like in the film...and
he must have black eye lashes, brown eyes, and under eyes....
a little bit darker like the original character!
I want to see him with the pirate medallion on his neck.  I always dreamed of this pony.  He must have a symbol of the Pirate's flag and the medallion.
Windstar is a white "Princess Pony" with a long white mane and tail that has a blue stripe and silver tinsel in it. She has blue wind swirls and silver stars down her sides, a silver star just above her muzzle, and a silver star on her magnet leg.  Her eyes are blue and silver with a silver star in the pupil.
Sequoia is a Native American Pony. She is golden yellow with brown and orange eyes. Her hair is brown with a light blue stripe, and a beaded feather in her mane. Her symbol is a Native American sun. It is a red circle with a brown center. The long triangles are orange, and the shorter ones are light blue. She has a light blue eagle symbol near her hoof, and 2 orange "Paint" lines under her display eye.
Filagree is a white pony with orange and dark pink mane and tail. She has green eyes with blue in them. She has blue, green, and dark pink designs all over her body (as shown - please click on picture for close-up detailing). She has a butterfly on her shoulders and some designs down her spine. a heart on her chest, foot, and over her tail.

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