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A Midsummer Pony's Dream custom design competition!

Entry deadline: May 31st, 2004

Sample Entry
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~ Your Custom Design ~

Your Custom Pony's Name: Fireflower
G3 Base Pony: Starswirl (white)
Pony's Description: Fireflower is a pure white earth pony with gradient dyed hair.  Her flame-colored locks have fiery red roots shading into burgundy and charcoal.  Her symbol is a flower-shaped flame with an emerald green stem. Her matching eyes have red, orange, and yellow irises.  On her right foot is a red-orange star with a golden yellow center.  On her forehead is a blaze with similar colors.
Your pony's story 
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Fireflower likes hot fudge sundaes and lemonade, but not at the same time!  Her favorite season is summer, where she can spend time on the beach.  Fireflower collects sea glass and pine cones.
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Please try to keep pics less than 200K.  Thank you.

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(remember: don't sign your pic...I'll assign everyone a number)

Sorry, the entry deadline has passed!  You'll have to wait until next year =(
I'm keeping this page up for informational purposes.

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