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A Midsummer Pony's Dream custom design competition!

Entry deadline: May 31st, 2004
Voting from June 9th - June 20th, 2004

  The Winners!

1st Place - Storm Chaser by Kate - This pony was chosen by a panel of my friends.  It's true, I had no say in the choice of the winner...but she turned out to be a truly beautiful custom pony!

Storm Chaser is a blue/light purple pony with a mixture of silvery white and dark purple streaks in her hair. Her eye is a dark shade of purple with a blue highlight. Her symbol is a stormy cloud with a shower of sparkly stars that fall down her front leg to her hoof.

Storm Chaser loves the thrill of the chase, brave and noble, she will always chase the storm clouds away. In the fields, the grasslands, and the thickets of trees, one can see nature herself bowing to the wind. Storm chasers motto is to have the faith in yourself to carry on, and no matter what the world throws at you, to never stop trying.


The base pony selected by Kate was Tink-a-Tink-a-Too.  She's purple, however, Storm Chaser looks more blue on my screen.  The description says she's supposed to have dark purple hair, and that looks blue too.  I think she's supposed to be purple!  Her hair was re-rooted with Silver AikariSilk hair (a little joke there, it's just soft Saran hair) and Tink-a's original dark purple.  Her hair needs a little more styling ;)
She still needs her glittery symbols and stars in her eyes.  Oh, and the box!
Congratulations Kate!

Click here for the completed Storm Chaser's page

2nd Place - Randomly chosen custom bait pony, some custom hair, symbol glitter, and a surprise The panel couldn't come to a consensus on #2 or #3.  These prizes will be re-distributed to the People's Choice winners and the random winners.
3rd Place - Randomly chosen good to near-mint condition pony and a surprise.

People's Choice Award *tie* - design by Navymom02navy - A Mint In Box 3rd generation pony as the base for your custom.  I'll include some supplies I have on hand.

Base Pony: Fluttershy

Loving Spoonful is a pink/lavender pony with 3 shades of purple in her hair. Her eyes are lavender and purple matching her symbol and hair. Her symbol is a silver spoon cradling a purple heart. Her foot is a bottle of love with 3 small purple hearts of different shades floating from the bottle.

Loving Spoonful is the most loving pony in Ponyville. If ever a pony is ill, she'll be there to give them a loving spoonful and get them back on their feet.
I loved how this design came together.  But I never thought it would win...I was thinking, "naw...this one's just too simple."  Guess people love simple, well planned designs ^_^  
Congratulations Navy Mom!

Here's what one voter said about Loving Spoonful:
"Very cute, I would buy one of these if I could!"

People's Choice Award *tie* - design by Crystal Snowflake - A Mint In Box 3rd generation pony as the base for your custom.  I'll include some supplies I have on hand.

Base Pony: New style Sunny Daze (identical base color & pose to Blossomforth)

This unicorn is inspired by the beauty of the northern lights. Her cutie mark is a aurora borealis ribbon that is a sample of the many colors it can appear as. This cute pony has super long multi-colored hair that is very vivid shades at the roots and fades to nearly white at the ends. She has nine colors in her hair - lime green, dark green, light blue, royal blue, purple, pink purple, dark pink, autumn orange and bright yellow. Her eyes are light blue, royal blue and purple with a silver star.

The best choice for the body would be Starswirl but Blossom Forth or Strawberry Swirl would be just as cute. Star Swirl would be the best because its the best pose for this pony, the color of her eyes would be just fine and it already has the star in it.
Aurora's concept is quite beautiful.  The Northern Lights and the rainbow theme go well together!  Congratulations, Crystal Snowflake!

Here are some comments about Aurora:
"Love the colours!"
"I like the northern lights. Living in the Yukon, I get to see them from time to time."

Baby Ember checks out the People's Choice Prizes ^_^
Each winner will also receive either a bundle of Saran hair or a real MLP tail,
along with either glitter or seed beads!

Random Prizes - each winner will receive the following

-ONE custom bait pony or ONE nice pony =)

-Synthetic hair if your pony doesn't have a tail

-Tiny packet of glitter or seed beads

-Packet of fancy beads

-Special personalized surprise gift!

For the random prizes, 
e-mail addresses were written on a slip of scrap paper.
The little wads of paper were scrambled and five winners were picked.

Random Prize Winners!

1. MLP Junkie 
2. Bumblesweet
3. White Fox
4. Storm Singer
5. HMOgburn


The random prizes (without the surprise, of course!)
Who knows?  I might decide to add more stuff later ^_^

  Final thoughts...
I'm still amazed at the number of people who entered.  Even though that made my job a lot harder!  If this happens for next year's competition, there will be two rounds of voting.  Over 100 people voted and most were fairly evenly distributed.  That's why there was a tie for the People's Choice and there were no 2nd or 3rd place winners this year.

All of the entries were well thought out.  I loved reading about each one...from the shy ones, to the ones who liked to hold parties, see into the future, and grant wishes! ^_^

If you're curious about the "surprise gift" and you didn't win one, I'll post what it is after everyone receives their prize packages.

Most of the random prizes were shipped on June 26, 2004.  

  Thanks again!
Thanks again for your participation! ^_^
If you missed this year's competition, you'll have to wait until next year...sorry!

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