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Annual Custom Pony Design Contest
This page is a quick recap of the past years' contests and the winners.

5th annual custom design competition!

 Luminosity Award - Alba Luna by Tinka


 Most Uniquely Illuminated Award: Angler by Julia


 People's Choice Award: Starlit by Alice


Midsummer 2007 - Unicorn Utopia
4th annual custom design competition!

 Unicorn Utopia Award - Maiden's Mist by Jael


 Most Unique in Utopia Award: Untouched Dreams by Fangs


People's Choice Award: Enchantress by Cuniculosa

Wild Wonders - 2006 Midsummer Contest
3rd annual custom design competition!

 Wild Wonders Award - African Sunset by Red Velvet Rose

african sunset custom pony

 Wildest Pony Award: Spectral Moonlight by Ararothea


People's Choice Award: Lil' Lemur by PaperCut

2nd annual custom design competition!

 Enchanted Paradise Award - Sea Snake's Enchanted Evening

 Most Innovative in Paradise Award: Miru's Storybook

People's Choice Award: Jupiternwndrlnd's Sushi Blossom

1st annual custom design competition!

Midsummer Pony Award: Kate's Storm Chaser

People's Choice (tie): Navy Mom's Loving Spoonful and Crystal Snowflake's Aurora


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