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[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
Alba Luna - 2008
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Tinka, Custom by Aikarin

Alba Luna is the winner of the Luminosity Custom Design Contest.  She is made from a G3 Rainbow Dash and completely repainted.  We loved the originality of her design and the dramatic contrast between light and dark.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
Alba Luna looks like she is dancing the clouds, which were painted entirely freehand.  The lighting makes them look flat, but there's actually a lot of depth in real life.  I mixed silvery blue-grays topped with white and light gray.  They also have subtle silver highlights.  The clouds extend under her belly!  The top part was painted in black.  The entire pony was given a matte top coat and is not that shiny in real life.

[click on picture for enlarged view]
She was re-rooted in a blend of two shades of nylon hair.  I ran out of the pure white, so I added some white with a touch of silver.  However, it looks the same throughout.  Hair was given some light curls.  It's very shiny and contrasts nicely with her black background.

[click on picture for enlarged view]

[click on picture for enlarged view]
Here, you can see how the clouds extend around her legs.  And a touch of silver highlighting can be visible when the light hits at the right angle. ^_^

[click on picture for enlarged view]
Alba Luna is a newer G3, so she does not have a hoof magnet.  Eyes were repainted in silver and she was given silver lashes (so you can see them against the black background).  Pupils are black and she has a touch of black eyeliner.  Eyes were given a glossy top coat.

Here is Tinka's design sketch:

Alba Luna is a CUSTOM PONY, not affiliated with Hasbro, and this design will not be repeated.  She is signed and dated under one hoof.  Actually dated 2008, because she was finished on New Year's Eve!

This custom is NOT FOR SALE.  She is going to her new home with Tinka in a few days! ^_^

Work-In-Progress pic:

Here she is after repainting.

And after a base coat.

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