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Please note: these custom ponies are NOT AFFILIATED with Hasbro.  These ponies are NOT meant to be re-distributed as toys or passed off as original Hasbro-manufactured My Little Pony« toys.  The modifications presented below were designed by Aikarin or other guest designers.  We do NOT claim to have designed the base ponies or to own the rights to the base pony designs in any way.  Please see the disclaimers at the bottom of each page.

Custom ponies which were based on Hasbro designs (i.e. replicas, babies for existing mom ponies, 3rd generation re-makes of 1st generation ponies) and Custom Printed Boxes have been removed.

  2009 Designs

Blue Baby Pony
Small pony with cupcake symbol

Secret Surprise Pony
Pink pony with sculpted hair and secret compartment

Celtic Pony
Pony with 3D Celtic knotwork + jewel design

Winter's Dawn
White Unicorn with contrasting floral design
  2008 Designs

Alba Luna

2008 Winter Design Contest winner!

Centenary Pony

Blue pony with darker gradient hooves

Holiday Pop

Orange sparkly G3 pony with retro holiday design 

Fall Out Pony

Translucent green + sparkles fakie with 3 eyes


Yellow G3 earth pony with sculpted tree design

Baby Sea Lettuce

Green colored baby pony with ruffled neon chartreuse tail

Tribal Dancer

White standing pose G3 pony with sculpted belly dancing outfit

Baby Willow

Pink newborn baby pegasus with fuzzy willow cat tail symbols

Whimsical Garden

3rd generation pony with nature-based full body painted design

The X Pony

Playful gamer pony made on a white base with glowing hair & symbols

Star Feather

Chestnut Appaloosa dappled custom pony with brown hair & feathers


Pink coy pose belly dancing pony with sculpted silver and purple saddle

Princess Tragedy

3rd generation pony with multi-colored punk hair and winged heart symbol
  2007 Designs


Big brother pony with real feather wings on dark blue background and iridescent green hoof highlights

Maiden's Mist
Midsummer 2007 Contest Winner!
3rd gen double-horned unicorn with gradient dyed hair and fuzzy feet


3rd gen white colored pony with floral hoof designs and bright color scheme

Calico Pearl Merpony

3rd gen three-colored koi merpony with graceful fan tail

Lavender Speckles

Purple 3rd gen pony/goat hybrid with hairy feet and sculpted horns/tail


3rd generation dark merpony with sparkling tail and black hair

Chasing Halos
3rd generation music inspired pony with electric guitar symbol

3rd gen pony with skull and crossbones symbol and cool accessories!

Rylie Alexis
1st gen unicorn with sculpted feathery angel wings


3rd generation pink pony with art nouveau calla lily design
  2006 Designs

Jessica the Ninja Pony

3rd gen martial arts themed pony with dark brown hair and ninja eyemask!

Baby Mosaic

1st generation newborn merpony with rainbow millefiori tail


3rd generation green pony with thorny symbol & thorns on her forehead


3rd gen white tiger pony with sculpted tail and brilliant blue eyes

Sapphire Snow

Pale blue 3rd generation pony with iridescent wings and silver tinsel

3rd generation orange pony with soft fuzzy hair and feline symbol


1st generation white unicorn with magenta hair and starry symbol

3rd generation pink pony with lotus flower symbol and white hair


1st gen yellow unicorn with rainbow hair and butterfly symbols

1st gen pale blue pony with Microsoft Windows theme and rainbow hair

Silver Blossom
1st gen TAF hybrid pegasus with pink & silver swirled design

Shadow Watcher

1st generation sitting pose gargoyle pony with sculpted wings and claws
african sunset - midsummer pony contest 2006 winner!
African Sunset

Midsummer 2006 Winner!
3rd gen pony with sunset gradient and trees

Sweet Nostalgia

Pink 1st generation pony with 3D gumball machine symbol


Dark purple big brother pony with rugby theme and white hair
Floral Enchantment
1st generation twice-as-fancy rose-scented pony


3rd generation pink colored royal snowflake pony with crown symbol

Banana Rama

White colored 3rd gen pony with banana symbol and striped hair

Birds of a Feather

Orange-red 3rd generation pony with Scarlet Macaw theme and colorful hair
Sparkling Lemonade
Yellow 1st generation "shy pose" pony with sparkling symbol and yellow hair


3rd gen purple "dark pony" with bat wings and rather bat & locket symbol

Shamrock Spring

Noctaeterna's Irish cousin with green hair and green gradient colorpoints

Mystic Floral

Teal green 3rd gen pony with black lacy designs and tri-colored hair
Snowed In

Blue 3rd gen pony with 3D mug of hot chocolate for a symbol
  2005 Designs

Six of Seven

Half pony, half machine with seamlessly embedded light and switch

Princess Broccoli

Green 3rd gen princess pony with long hair/tinsel and a 3D symbol!


Yellow 3rd generation earth pony with TAF fields of red-orange poppies

Blue colored 3rd generation pony with snowy feet and ears

Lady Tulip

3rd generation alicorn with TAF tulip designs in orange and yellow

Iridescent Nights

Dark blue pony with sparkling golden and silver starry TAF symbols!


Very special Reindeer Pony with caramel colored hair and custom made harness

Puff's Reindeer relative with caramel hair and ribbon harness with brass bells 


White pony with pink/white curly hair and a white chocolate symbol

Morbid Delusions

Lavender 1st generation pony with gradient dyed hair


Classic black and white striped zebra made from a 3rd gen pony 


Pink and dark magenta colored zebra made from a 3rd gen pony

Chococherry Delite

Chocolate scented sparkly pink pony with pastel hair and cake symbol

Lady Katrina

3rd generation pink pegasus with Celtic Heart symbol - for charity!


Indian henna art inspired 1st generation twice as fancy pony


Halloween themed 3rd generation pony with glowing skull designs


Teal and silver colored merpony / mericorn with long blue and silver hair

Baby Tranquility

Teal colored tropical baby pegasus pony with a soothing color scheme

Cactus Flower

White pony with super long black hair and cacti as her symbol

Baby Ethan

Cactus Flower's baby boy who wears a purple and yellow basketball jersey

Enchanted Evening

The winner of the 2005 Enchanted Paradise competition

Pink Wings

Pink, purple, white, and bright pink custom painted wings with glittery coating

Freedom Star

3rd generation pony with an American / Air Force theme


Pink 3rd gen pony with batty symbols and outrageous hair clips


Cowgirl themed 3rd generation pony with super cute accessories

Princess Ladybug

Experimental 3rd gen earthling with super long red hair and tinsel

Tropical Frost

1st generation blue pegasus with 3-D rainbow sherbet symbols

Bremen Fairy

Yellow 3rd generation pony with a design based on the Bremen Town Musicians

Peach Sparkle

Peach colored 1st generation pony with rather peachy symbols


Sparkling green 3rd generation earthling with green gradient dyed hair


Tropical themed 3rd generation carousel pony with wild red hair

Dancing Swan

Pink ballerina pony with dramatic makeup, white hair & swan symbol

Orchid Fever

Purple 3rd generation pony with rainbow hair and dragonfly wings

Starry Eyed Surprise Custom Pony
Starry Eyed Surprise

White 3rd generation pony with long rainbow hair & sparkling rainbow symbol


3rd gen pony featuring the famous German castle of the same name


1st generation pale teal unicorn with floral's a good thing!


Yellow pony with dark golden hair and textured sunflower symbols

Princess Cherry

Blue unicorn with bright red hair and sparkling cherries as her symbol

3rd gen pony featuring a Celtic knotwork cross made with sparkling golden glitter


The Dragonfly Faerie with iridescent custom made wings!


Blue 3rd gen earthling with horizontally striped rainbow hair & glittery symbols


Delightfully delicious 3rd generation experimental pony with a yummy symbol!


Fiery Celtic pony with sparkling knotwork symbol and brightly colored hair

Amber Wishes

Orange 3rd gen pony with multi-colored hair and a real amber symbol
  2004 Designs

Misty Starscape

3rd generation pink unicorn with a silver horn and 3D intergalactic symbol


Mysterious, dark, and beautiful 3rd generation pony with sunburst eyes

The Postal Pony

Letter Carrier pony with red, white, and blue hair


Cactuar themed pony in the walking unicorn pose with adorable accessories

Lady Rosalind 

3rd gen coy pose pink pony with a real cameo symbol and delightful curls


Sparkle pony with glow-in-the-dark hair & symbols

Pumpkin's Tale

Dark pony with a Halloween theme and multi-colored punk hair

Country Delight

Shepherdess pony rooted with real super-soft wool curls!

#104 Borg Pony

Pink 3rd generation pony with working red LED,  assimilated by the Borg


Cold weather alicorn in green/white/silver with real feather wings!

Lady Night
Lady Night

Purple 3rd generation pony with a spooky symbol and colorful hair


White colored original unicorn with an ocean & island theme


Orchid themed Flutter Pony with silky hair and elegant removable wings

2004 Dancing Bats

G3 remake of my 2001 design - a red winged pony with a rather batty symbol

Princess Kimmy
3rd gen earth pony with rainbow hair and twinkle eyes!


White colored 3rd generation earth pony with golden tan and green hair


Rearing pose unicorn pony with super long hair in many shades of green


Red 3rd generation earth pony with yellow hair and drum symbol

Baby Harry
Pink earth baby with multi-colored hair & cool accessories


3rd generation earth pony with a chess inspired design

Muriel the Merpony
From the Merpony Tutorial, a mermaid-like pony in shades of purple

Number 103

Star Trek inspired Borg pony with hand-sculpted parts and working light

Storm Chaser
Storm Chaser

2004 Midsummer Pony's Dream Custom Competition winner

bright teal unicorn with three fuchsia foxglove blossoms as her symbol
 2003 Designs

Aikarin's Starfall

rearing pose white unicorn who is my site mascot.

Sea Snake

custom character in teal blue with a slithery symbol

Celtic Twist

2003 pony with platinum blonde hair and a Celtic twist!


if you like orange, you'll love this sparkling orange pony with extra long hair!

Shiver of the Elves

custom character with her own special accessories

Princess Hellen
2nd set Princess Pony with rare red hair

Jen R.Ph. Pharmacist Pony
custom pony with a very unique symbol!
  2002 Designs
custom pale blue alicorn with glorious sparkles
Link's faithful steed made from a large pony bait
custom gray pegasus with gorgeous hair
custom rainbow haired pony with
horizontally striped hair
  2001 Designs
shy pose monochromatic
Dancing Bats
Dancing Bats
scary bat winged
new-style pony
Baby TooCuteous of Borg
Baby TooCuteous
of Borg

half pony, half robot,
made from a baby pony

Baby Monarch Butterfly
inspired by a little butterfly with wings made of feathers

  2000 Designs
Watermelon Shimmer
Watermelon Shimmer
collector's pose
custom pony
Celtica the Celtic Pony
Sweetheart Sister
with a crystal earring

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