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  About My Customs

I've been making custom ponies since I started re-collecting MLP in 2000.  This is a hobby, not a job, for me.  Creating customs is fun and challenging! ^_^

When creating a custom, my goal is to make it as neat as possible.  On a shelf, the pony should display in a natural-looking way.

Some features of my customs:

  • Custom-blended artist grade paints 
  • No visible brush strokes!
  • Non-shiny (matte) surface
  • Durable coats that resist cracking or fading

  • Nylon or silky synthetic hair 
  • Narrow width tinsel
  • Manes that withstand combing & styling

  • Detailed, neatly painted symbols & eyes
  • Very sparkly flat  glittery symbols - no varnish coating!

  • Seamless integration of extra parts & accessories
  • Replacement of "tail washer" with plastic so it won't rust

My prices seem to be higher than the average customizers'.  Why?  You're paying for three things: time, supplies, and experience.  It takes hours to create a custom.  I use artist grade materials and unfortunately, they're expensive.  I also have lots of practice making customs, so you'll have a pony that you're proud to display.  You WILL notice a difference when your custom pony arrives!

Prices depend on the complexity of your project and materials you are able to supply.  Ponies that require a complete re-paint and extensive re-rooting will cost more.

Unless I've mentioned otherwise, all custom orders require payment before work starts. 

  Commission Status

Please check the Custom Workshop for commission status.
If you would like a quote, please visit the Customs Quote Page for the format.

As I said earlier, this is a hobby for me.  I usually get at least one custom request a day, and I just don't have the time to make all of these.  There is no "waiting list" for custom commissions because it would be impossible to keep track of them.  I accept very few commissions at a time, so I can devote my time & energy into making these as "perfect" as possible.  Also, I have quite a few of my own projects that need work. ^_^

  Customs For Sale

It's true, very rarely I'll have a few "already made" custom ponies for sale.
Sometimes, they go to eBay, but I'm going to try selling them here first.
These little ones will be posted on the Customs For Sale page.

  Questions & Answers

Q: Do you have a waiting list?
A: No.  I get at least one custom request a day and it would be impossible to track all of them.

Q: Can I place an unfinished custom on hold?
A: No.  Customs will be added to the "Customs for Sale" page when they are complete.  The reason for this: I'm not sure how they will turn out and I might change the design, which will change the price of the custom.

Q: I really like your ___(insert custom name)___, is it for sale?
A: Any customs for sale will be listed on the sale pages.  If a pony is listed as "Not for sale", sorry, it's really not for sale.

Q: I really like ___(insert custom name)___, will you make me one just like it?
A: Sorry, I will not do remakes of an unique custom ponies.  Each pony is special. ^_^  I will consider variations on designs, especially if you're the designer.

Q: Will you make me a Baby __(insert name of adult pony without a baby)__?
A: Sorry, I will not make customs based on Hasbro ponies.  It is implied that Hasbro sees this as a form of copyright infringement

Q: What about making a replica of a rare pony, like Rapunzel?
A: No, for the same reasons outlined in the previous question.

Q: Will you make me a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings pony?
A: I could make a generic wizard or elf pony, but nothing using specific trademarked logos or names.  If you are a customizer, I don't recommend that you do either, as the owners of these copyrights strongly pursue those who infringe on their copyrights.

Q: Do you have already made or completed customs for sale?
A: Very rarely, I'll have a few already made customs for sale.  Take a look here.

Q: I really like your Borg Pony, will you make me one?
A: LOL, I like them a lot too. ^_^  I'm always working on at least one Borg pony, but I'm very slow at making them.  As almost every component is built from scratch, they are verrrrrrry complicated!

Q: Do I need to supply my own bait/hair/other materials?
A: It's helpful, but usually not necessary.  I have a variety of baits & parts.  If you want something specific, I can obtain the parts for you.  Note: this will increase the cost of your custom.  

Q: I want a rearing pose pony.  Is this possible?
A: Hasbro's common rearing pose ponies all came covered with the fuzzy So-Soft flocking.  It's possible to make a rearing pose custom, but you will need to deflock it yourself.  I no longer offer deflocking services.  I can provide basic instructions if you are interested.  Alternatively, you can purchase an already deflocked pony from another collector.  

Q: Do you deflock ponies?
A: See above.  No, I don't deflock ponies anymore.  I can send you the instructions, though!  It's tedious & you get exposed to toxic can see why I don't want to do this anymore! ^_^

Q: How long does it take to make a custom pony?
A: It usually won't take more than a month after I receive all of the materials.  If you need an item "rushed" for a special gift, it may be possible depending on how busy I am.

Q: Can I wash my custom pony?
A: No!!  The paint can withstand gentle handling, but not water.  

Q: I want a custom So-Soft pony.  Can you make one?
A: No, there isn't a method to make a custom So-Soft that looks nice in real life.  

Q: I saw that you also restore ponies.  How much is it to restore my ___(insert pony name)___?
A: At the moment, I only restore ponies in my own herd or for my friends.  No restoration or partial customizing services are being offered currently.  This may change depending on how busy I am...check the custom workshop!

Q: I own a real horse & I want a pony that looks like him/her.  Do you make customs based on real horses?  How much will this cost?
A: Sure.  Unless your real horse is white & you chose a white custom bait pony, the custom will require a full body re-paint.  This is difficult & time consuming, so these customs are fairly expensive.  Please contact me with more details for a quote.

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