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Welcome to Aikarin's Custom Pony Workshop!
A sneak peek at custom ponies currently in progress
Commission Status: closed until further notice

Please read my Livejournal for updates.
The Livejournal seems to be working out nicely, so this page will only contain a list of customs in progress.
My Projects:
Big brother merpony G1 light blue pony with sculpted tail planning stages, bait prepped
Dark merpony G3 purple pony with black tail planning stages, bait prepped
Pastel swirl pony G3 with swirled pattern will be finished by another customizer
Commissioned Projects:
Rylie Alexis - G1 Alicorn - prepping bait
Light baby green base with brown hair/pink highlights
Symbol: baby elephant with white glittered wings
Hoof mark: pair of white feathered wings
Eyes: pink/brown or green shades, clear jewels, shimmery eyeshadow

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