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  Custom Pony Price Quotes're brave enough to ask for a custom pony price quote, eh? ^_~

Here's what you need to do:
1. Check the LiveJournal to see if I'm accepting commissions.  It will be mentioned in the latest post.  I am usually NOT accepting commissions, since I prefer my own projects & I'm quite busy with real life!
2. Read through EVERYTHING on the About My Customs page.
3. Look at the Custom Pony Design page for an example.
4. Copy and paste the template (see below) into an e-mail to me - include the word "pony" in your subject line or it may not get pass the spam filters!

If you are not a collector & you want a custom for a gift, please describe what you would like & I'll help you with the details!

If you are a collector, please reference colors from existing ponies.  Example: Peachy pink hair, Firefly aqua hair, Lemon Drop yellow body color.

A word about hair: 

Real MLP hair is hard to come by, however, there are now suppliers for this type of nylon hair.  This costs a little more, but it's really nice.  It curls well, the colors are brilliant, and the texture is exactly the same as original MLP hair.

I have almost every fantasy color of Saran hair available.  This is a little more expensive, but it is very silky.  It looks & feels great, but it does not curl well.  This hair is actually finer than real MLP hair.

Kanekalon hair is being phased out...I am basically using nylon hair in place of it, since it doesn't require prepping.

Many thanks for your interest!

Custom Pony Template with examples:
1. Your Custom Pony's Name (Twister)
2. Body Type & Pose (New Style Toola Roola)
3. Body Color (Toola Roola purple-pink)
4. Hair Color & Type (yellow kanekalon hair, closest match for Dancing Butterflies yellow)
5. Hair Length & style (Standard length, straight with a slight curl at the ends)
6. Hair Extras (Tinsel in tail)  Ideas include tinsel, pearls, rhinestones, special hair styles
7. Eye Color (Yellow with orange swirl) and any eye extras/glitter/special designs.
8. Symbol (swirled heart, symbol only on display side)  Note: it would also help to attach a drawing.  Also mention whether you want a one sided or two sided symbol, hoof marks, etc.
9. Accessories (none)
10. The country you want the pony shipped to (so I can calculate shipping costs)
**Attach a sketch if possible.  This would really help me out!**

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