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Happiness is a Clean Pony
Wash & groom your pony, add tail ribbons, make sure she looks real purdy for your customers :P

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks
Be sure to take a good, clear picture.  I use a digital camera.  Many buyers will pay more if there is a picture, even a fuzzy one.  Crop your picture & save as a jpg or gif.  These formats compress the picture & decreases loading time.
If you are concerned about people using your images without your permission, add your "signature" to the corner.  Especially recommended for rare ponies.

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Condition, Condition, Condition!
Describe the pony CAREFULLY noting all flaws.  Uncertain of what flaws to look for?  Check HERE.   Buyers will be disappointed if a minty looking pony arrives with a ton of flaws.   Uh, they're also likely to leave you bad feedback & not buy from you again.  Also, always mention what series the pony belongs to.  There are some ponies with the exact same names.   "Twilight" can refer to the Early Unicorn or a Purple So-Soft Pegasus!

Twilight - Early Unicorn Pony - cleaned & ready for display.  No haircuts, silky hair, no major marks.  Slight playwear to hooves & ear tips.  Symbol glitter worn on both sides.

Keep in Touch
Contact the buyer for shipping info right after your auction ends.  If you are uncertain of how much to charge for shipping, pack the pony & go weigh it at the post office.  Don't charge excessive shipping.   It's not nice & people are less likely to buy from you.
It's a Wrap
Package the pony.  I usually ship one pony 1st class in a padded envelope.  Multiple ponies get shipped in boxes.  Mint-In-Box or Mint-On-Card items are always shipped in boxes with lots of bubble wrap!  DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER!  The ink will stain the ponies!!

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Bye, Bye Pony
Ship the pony.  I am located in the US & I usually use 1st class for light items and Priority Mail for heavier items.  Delivery confirmation (40 cents more) is a useful way to track the package, but it is only available with Priority Mail.  Insurance ($1.10 more per $50 insured value) is a good idea if the item is irreplacable, fragile, or worth more than $20.  You can buy insurance on any package.    I've handled more than 200 transactions through USPS and they haven't lost a single package.

Tip: Double check the buyer's address (especially the ZIP code) & print neatly!

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