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~ Custom Flutter Wings ~

The pictures do not show how lovely these wings are!   They are hand-made and each set is unique.

Closeups reveal subtle iridescent color and 3-D texture.  They are not identical to the originals, but they will make your flutters look lovely!

They are pretty durable too!  You can play with your flutters
= )

These wings were originally designed to fit the first set of flutter ponies: Lily, Forget Me Not, Rosedust, Morning Glory, Honeysuckle, and Peach Blossom.

They will also work with Yum Yum, the flutter from the Party Gift Pack and Hollywood, the mail order flutter pony.

I've tested them on the second set of flutters - Wind Drifter, Cloud Puff, Wing Song, Tropical Breeze - and they also fit very nicely!
Please note: there are no replacement wings available at this time.  I do not have plans to make more anytime soon.
Also, I will not be writing a tutorial for these wings.  Please be respectful and do not ask how they are made.  The technique was developed in conjunction with another customizer, so the secret is not mine to share.

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