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5th annual custom design competition!

 Luminosity Award
Alba Luna by Tinka 

This breathtaking design truly stands out from the crowd.  She's a black pony with a realistic moon and cloud pattern covering her hooves, rump, and belly.  We loved the contrast of light and dark and just the sheer simplicity of the design.  There have been plenty of gradient painted ponies in past contests, so this design was a welcome change!

This design was selected by Aikarin & her friends.  She will be made into a real custom pony by Aikarin & shipped to her new home.

This design was also immensely popular in the People's Choice voting and it did make it to the top 10 finalists.  Here's what some people had to say about Alba Luna:

"Love the cloud effect on this one. Really pretty."

"Very pretty, I think the clouds are gorgeous, well-designed and laid out, and would go well with Aikarin's style."

"I like the idea of a black pony with stars, and from all the variations I chose this one because even the little drawing seems to have a very heavenly quality to it. The clouds make all the difference because it's like the pony is transcending to another plane."

"Alba Luna I keep going back to this pony.... there's something about her that is just so lovely and magical."

Entry 41 - Alba Luna
Base Color:
Description: Alba Luna is an all black pony with white hair. All of her legs a big continuous grey cloud with white highlights on them (not small clouds here and there). The bottom of her belly also has the same grey cloud with white highlights pattern. Her mane and tail are both white and regular lengthed. Her symbol is the full moon, partially covered by the grey cloud with white highlights that continues from her rear leg. She doesn't have a specific hoof mark. Alba Luna's eyes are white or very light silver in color.
The picture shown is her display side. Her non-display side is the same as her display side, but without the full moon.

Here is the finished custom pony:

More pictures of her can be found here.

 Most Uniquely Illuminated Award
Angler by Julia

This pony's design was inspired by the Angler fish from a marine science class.  Who would have thought that a speckled brown pony would make a great design!  The designer also included a really cool merpony version with glowing fins.

This pony was also a People's Choice Award Top 10 Finalist.  Voters said they loved the design's "realistic" approach.  There were several takes on the Angler fish theme this year, but this design was the most popular.

This design was also selected by Aikarin & her friends.  The winner will receive a randomly selected pony in minty condition.


Entry 16 - Angler
Base Color: Brown 
Description: Speckled browns with scale details (that's what those dark scattered rings are) painted randomly over her earth pony body.  She has no hoof mark.  She has neon-green glow-in-the-dark fins behind her should blades, perhaps lower than where wings would be.  She has upon her head the characteristic esca (or lure) Angler Fish use to attract prey - the bulb at the end is neon green and glows in the dark.  Her mane and tail are glow-in-the-dark as well, her mane with a single brown stripe.  Her eye shadow is neon green (and yes, it glows in the dark).  Her eyes are blue and neon green (glowing, of course).

Version 2 is a merpony-like design: Where hind legs might of been, she instead has a fishes tail and fins - Neon Green, Glow in the Dark XD

Story: Angler is an attractive young pony, and it's hard not to stare at her - but be careful!  If you get too close, you'll find her razor-sharp teeth clamped onto your arm in an efficient *snap*!

 People's Choice Award
Starlit by Alice

This startling design was extremely popular.  It features unique characteristics like glitter and radiant cat eyes.  People just loved the contrast between black and white.

A voter commented: "because she's just so beautiful, I'd love to see how she would look like as a real pony."  Aikarin and her friends are curious too!

Entry 38 -Starlit
Base Color: White 
Description: Starlit has white areas that are kind of glittery.  Mane grades from black - dark blue - light blue, and has strands of white.  I chose cat eyes because they respond to light so noticeably.

This design was chosen by visitors to the website after two rounds of voting.  In this case, the winner will receive a full skein of nylon MLP hair in white.  This type of hair takes dye readily & can be overdyed with black, dark blue, and light blue.  She will also receive a white Sweetie Belle white unicorn base and glitter in silver and clear iridescent.

 Instruction Follower's Random Award

This prize is a randomly drawn one from the list of eligible entries.  To qualify, your entry must follow the instructions listed on the pages exactly.  Once again, VERY few entries qualified for this award.

This year, we went a little high-tech and used a computer program to select our winners:
The designer of pony #29!
And the designer of pony #2!

Each person will be receiving a package of customizing supplies & bait ponies. This year's package includes lots of goodies including baits, new pony hair and pony hair clippings, glitter, tinsel, and a pony CD.

 Final Thoughts
Baby Ember: Rainbow Dash, are you ready to be transformed into a Luminous pony?  We have to fix you up before we send you away!

This year's contest was incredible, even though it was the first ever Winter contest.  Lots of fantastic designs were submitted even though most people were busy with the holidays!  Voting was quite spread out during the first round, but narrowed down significantly during the second round.

Many thanks for participating and we hope to see you again next year! 

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