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Unicorn Utopia
4th annual custom design competition!

Midsummer 2007 - Unicorn Utopia

 Unicorn Utopia Award
Maiden's Mist by Jael

Everyone who saw this design was in awe.  Maiden's Mist is unlike anything that we've seen.  Her design is complex, but not overdone.  We also liked the soothing color combination and the symbol!  The double horn and lion's tail make her even more magical.

This design was selected by Aikarin & her friends.  She will be made into a real custom pony by Aikarin & shipped to her new home.

Here is a link to the completed pony's page:

Other visitors also enjoyed this pony's design and she made it to the top ten.  Here's what some people said about Maiden's Mist:

"It was hard to chose, but I pick #42"
"Fairytales are a important ingredient in our childhood. Baby ponies will love to hear fairytales about Ponyland."
"I like the complexity of her design and would love to see her come to life!"
"She's so darn cute, I love the way she looks like a original medieval unicorn.  And she's a Fairy unicorn! she's looks like a Unicorn Utopia's Queen!"
"She just looks so serene and mystical can't help but say yeah that's a pony"

Entry 42 - Maiden's Mist
Base Color:
Description: Maiden's Mist is a very special creature, she has a gold double horn in her forehead and lion-like tail.  She is pearl white with sparkling extra long hair coloured in a white, pale turquoise, gold gradient. Her symbol features a damsel admiring flowers from Medieval xilography in black and gold.  Her hooves are surrounded by soft fur in white and pale turquoise. Her twinkle eyes feature color: pink, gold and turquoise and a golden crucifix too. 
Story: Maiden's Mist is part of Ponyville's fairytales. She only exists in the pony's hearts and imagination.  But there's been rumours about a few lucky ponies have been visited by this pony fairy, and she told them magical secrets to make Ponyville the beautifullest place to live in the entire universe!!

 Most Unique in Utopia Award
Untouched Dreams by Fangs

This eyecatching design really stirs the imagination.  Untouched Dreams combines a mysterious symbol on an unusual background.  Dark backgrounds are tough to work with.  We were impressed with the contrast and the thought given to her color combinations.  We really hope her designer will make her into a real-life custom!

This design was also selected by Aikarin & her friends.  The winner will receive a randomly selected pony in minty condition.  Congratulations!

Entry 37 - Untouched Dreams
Base Color: Black 
Description: She has a base color of solid black, dyed not painted if possible, with speckled starlight all over her. A dark field of grass rises up from around her hooves and an image of a large white stag with silver horns is on her back left leg. Her other side is exactly the same except without the stag. Her horn is a base of white with accents of light blue and grey. Beams of light blue and white encircle her horn to simulate moonlight. Her mane and tail are a blend of white and silver that is streaked with light blue and silver tinsel. Her eyes are a blend of blue, red, purple, and green to simulate the northern lights.
She was inspired by the legend of the white stag, so you know cause some people get confused, this is a legend not a movie, story, character, or any other copyrighted thing.

 People's Choice Award
Enchantress by Cuniculosa

Pony lovers all over the world voted for this dazzling design.  Green and white is an awesome color combination.  Her eyes are also stunning and full of depth.

Here are some comments that people made about Enchantress:
"I love green and this pony is very beautiful."

"It's very pretty."

Here's the link to the finished pony.  Gorgeous work!

Entry 26 - Enchantress
Base Color: White 
Description: Enchantress is a white pony with symmetrical green markings and multi-colored green hair.

This design was chosen by visitors to the website after two rounds of voting.  In this case, the winner will receive nylon MLP hair in medium green.  This type of hair takes dye readily & can be overdyed with darker shades of green.  She will also receive a pink Rarity unicorn base with a brush, packed in a plastic display box.  I also included an extra white brush (NOT PICTURED) since the custom design has a white base color.

 Instruction Follower's Random Award

This prize is a randomly drawn one from the list of eligible entries.  To qualify, your entry must follow the instructions listed on the pages exactly.  Once again, VERY few entries qualified for this award.

This year, we went a little high-tech and used a computer program to select our winners:
The designer of pony #62!
And the designer of pony #31!

Each person will be receiving a package of customizing supplies & bait ponies. ^_^  congrats!

 Final Thoughts
Baby Ember: Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's contest!  YOU made it truly magical!

This year, we had fewer entries, but the quality of the entries was higher.  We were impressed by many designs.  Seems like you were too!  The People's Choice votes were all over the place & competition was fierce!  We were surprised that this year's Most Unique design wasn't in the top 10.

Ta for now!  See ya next year!

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