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Unicorn Utopia
4th annual custom design competition!

Midsummer 2007 - Unicorn Utopia

Announcing...the People's Choice Finalists!
Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.
Ponies are listed by their assigned number.

PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Voting is OVER this year.

Entry 11 - The Lion and the Unicorn

Description: Based off of the old poem. One half of this pony is a cream coloured unicorn with cloven, golden hooves, a golden horn, and powder blue eyes. The mane is a pale blonde gold sort of colour.

The other side of this pony is a tawny yellow, with toe marks on the feet, and a brown, fuzzy lion's mane, maybe made of fluffy wool. the eyes are golden, and there is a stripe of brown in the tail, which is still obviously the tail of the unicorn.

The symbol on both sides of this pony is a royal crown!

Entry 26 - Enchantress

Enchantress does not have a description or story.

Entry 31 - Galaxy Runner

The colored flecks are, like my previous pony, supposed to be glitter 
- the blue streaks tinsel.  Her base color is a black to cyan gradient 
- the multiple colors should be some sort of iridescent sheen coating 
or something.  Her white stripe and her comet cutie mark should be 
glow-in-the-dark paint.  The rest of her hair is a mixture of cyans 
and blue-greens.  You can barely see them, but stars are scattered 
throughout her gradient on her legs.
Entry 33 - Gerard

Description: Gerard is a male pony.  He is a white unicorn with grey hooves and light gray gradient. His horn is light grey with an aqua blue gradient. The blaze on his forehead is the same grey as his horn and gradients.  His eyes have no lashes and are bright almost electric turquoise that fade and darken outwards.  His symbol is a pair of stylized sketchy headphones, the wire spiraling around his leg once.  His mane is grey, with steel grey and 2 random aqua streaks. His hair is short and spikey.  He has removable cool-looking headphones and an earring in his left ear.
Story: Gerard is one pony that loves music! He listens to almost anything that has a good beat. He always has his headphones with him. When he isn't at school, he likes to play basketball and soccer, and of course, listen to music. He has a HUGE collection of CDs! He is friendly and likes to deejay for charity events.
Entry 38 - Fire Vine
She has a base coat of blood red and all across her is images of flames. The image all fades to an almost black red around her legs. Around both her back legs is mirrored the stylized image of a black vine curling up through the flames. She has a solid black horn with more stylized vines trailing down. Her eyes go from red at the bottom and blend to yellow. Her mane is a solid coal black.
Entry 42 - Maiden's Mist  

Description: Maiden's Mist is a very special creature, she has a gold double horn in her forehead and lion-like tail.  She is pearl white with sparkling extra long hair coloured in a white, pale turquoise, gold gradient. Her symbol features a damsel admiring flowers from Medieval xilography in black and gold.  Her hooves are surrounded by soft fur in white and pale turquoise. Her twinkle eyes feature color: pink, gold and turquoise and a golden crucifix too. 

Story: Maiden's Mist is part of Ponyville's fairytales. She only exists in the pony's hearts and imagination.  But there's been rumours about a few lucky ponies have been visited by this pony fairy, and she told them magical secrets to make Ponyville the beautifullest place to live in the entire universe!!
Entry 43 -  Lichee Ming  

Description: Lichee Ming is an ivory colored unicorn with peachy touches and fuchsia make-up.  Her hair is shiny black and features a Chinese hairdo hold by a red flower pin and red adornments.  Her symbol is a Chinese painting of deep pink flowers and dark green leaves. Her tail is more like a lion's.  And her twinkling Asian eyes shine with shades of green and pink.  

Story: Lichee Ming come from the east side of Ponyville, she's an artist and she loves to paint with Chinese coloured ink, she also writes poems, gives them to all the ponies and then invites them to share her family dessert recipe: Lychee ice cream and candies!!!


Entry 61 - Dulcea 

Description: The most prominent feature of Dulcea is most likely the
colorful rainbow pattern on her body. For this pony, I stuck to the topic
that I relate most to unicorns: rainbows. >>;; Anyways, almost like a
twice-as-fancy pattern, in the order of the rainbow, rainbow colored swirls
and pretty looking patterns snake around her body. Starting from red and her
nds to violet on her ds. I know some parts of her body is covered/unseen,
but just use your imagination to fill in those parts. :3 Because of her full
body marks, she doesn't have a magnet hoof symbol or a normal symbol for
that matter. Most of her muzzle area (Save her her nose bridge) and Dulcea's
horn are the only 'clean' parts on her. (In the sense of markings or not)
Underneath her rainbow swirls, her body is just a crisp white. Dulcea's eyes
are dark gray with a lighter gray swirl on it. She also has a tiny star eye
symbol in her eyes. Dulcea has a more vivid that the violet on her body
purple mane and tail. she also has randomly distributed, large, streaks of a
light cerulean in her mane and tail. (Approx. placement shown?)

Note: I don't know how it appears on your computer, but the palette used for
her colors are mainly pastel ones. And all the colors are separate, except
for a few of them where the colors fade into each other in the pattern. <3

Story: Her name, Dulcea, is derived from the Spanish word 'Dulce' which
means sweet. So naturally, she is! Dulcea is a very sweet-tempered unicorn
and is quite caring as well. All in all, Dulcea has a very reserved but uses
her actions to make up for her quietness. Unfortunately, she is a
monochromat. A monochromat is something with monochromacy, or total color
blindness. She sees her world in blacks, grays, and whites. For being so
colorful herself, its quite sad that she can't see herself in all her
prettiness. But day by day Dulcea was used to it, living in a cold, shadowy
world forever. However, since she lives in the world of the My Little
Ponies, she's anything but lonely.  Just a melancholic little unicorn who can
only see her friends as gray beings.
Entry 63 - Fire Flower

Description: Fire Flower is a white pony with a thick black mane and tail. She has swirly flames running up all four legs, and her horn had flames as well. Her eyes also contain flames. Her 'icon' or marking is three bright orange red-tipped flowers, or 'Fire Flowers', over-lapped, with a little bit of green leaf. Her hoof marking is a smaller 'fire flower' with a few skinny green leaves.
Entry 67 - Shojo Manga

Shojo Manga does not have a description or story.

Voting is officially over this year...please see the winners!

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