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Wild Wonders

the annual custom design competition!

 Wild Wonders Award
African Sunset by Red Velvet Rose

This eye-catching design incorporates a gorgeous sunset gradient and striking patterns.  Doesn't look terribly complicated, but this one will be a challenge to make into a real custom! ^_^  Lots of other pony people liked this design as made it to the People's Choice Top 10.

This design was selected by Aikarin & her friends.  She will be made into a real custom pony by Aikarin & shipped to her new home.

When she is completed, pictures will be posted in the Custom Pony Gallery.

Here are some comments that people made about African Sunset:
"GREAT great great, I love this pony!"
"I love silhouetted acacia trees."
"The tree on her hips/leg is wonderful!"
"Lovely choice of color!"

Entry 38 - African Sunset
Base Color:
Orange with red gradient
Description: African Sunset is an orange pony with a red gradient on the top half of her body. Her hair is mostly black with red and golden streaks in it, curled slightly at the ends. Her eyes are a bright, vibrant green. At the bottom of her hooves, the grasslands are silhouetted with a tall, native tree growing up one flank for her cutie mark.
Story: African Sunset is a very special little pony. She knows that many animals come out only at night. On the African plains, all of her favourite animals are most active at sunset; lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, antelope, wildebeast... all silhouetted by the red-orange skies of the sunset.

 Wildest Pony Award
Spectral Moonlight by Ararothea

This unique pony combines elements from several different animals.  Honestly, we've never seen anything even remotely like this design!  The pieces fit together well...this pony is really startling and captures the imagination.

This design was also selected by Aikarin & her friends.  It also made it to the People's Choice finalists.  There were many "wild" designs this year and it was very difficult to pick just one.  We finally narrowed it down to this one.  The winner will receive a randomly selected pony in minty condition.  Congratulations Ararothea!

Here's what some voters said about Spectral Moonlight:
"It's just beautiful and unique and so very very different, I HAD to vote for it ^_^"
"It's unique and eerie in its simplicity. The mismatched parts don't seem to clash somehow."
"This pony is unique. I like how it blends diverse elements without looking forced. It's creepy, but makes me wonder. Lovely."

Entry 109 -  Spectral Moonlight
Base Color: Powder Blue
Description: Spectral Moonlight is powder blue, with a white, mask-like face. Her eyes are all black, with no white or highlights of any kind. There are black streaks down her cheeks, and she has black lipstick.  Spectral Moonlight has long, rabbit-like ears, and small antlers that are slightly darker blue than her body.  Her tail is long and swooping, there is no hair on it. Her mane is a sort of dark periwinkle blue gradient, darker at the roots, and almost white at the tips.  Her symbol is a black skeletal tree, the moon behind it, with bluish grey clouds. Her magnet hoof is marked by a pale blue snowflake.

 People's Choice Award
Lil' Lemur by PaperCut

Wow, this pony's markings and design just jumps out at you!  It sure does a great job of capturing the contest theme of "Wild Wonders."  Lemur lovers and non-lemur lovers all over the world voted for this stunning little design.

Here are some comments that people made about Lil' Lemur:
"Really cool."
"This would be such an interesting pony to see finished."
"When I think of Wild wonders, I think of nature and animals. A lemur is cute, wild, beautiful in its own way... And the way that idea is transferred to a pony is great!  Good job!"
"Amazing colouring!  Love the symbol."
"Somehow, this design jumped out among the choices."
"Very unique and true to the animal."

Entry 33 - Lil' Lemur
Base Color: Grey
Description: Lil' Lemur is a medium grey pony with white hooves, face, & stomach. She has black accents around her eyes and the top of her head, going down her shoulders and back. Her eyes are a swirl of orange and yellow.  Her symbol is a lemur's paw print with a white swirl behind it, and she also has a small dark grey swirl on her magnet hoof. Her mane is mostly white with a couple black streaks, and her tail is white with horizontal black stripes from base to tip.
Story: Lil' Lemur is an adventurous pony who loves exploring new places. She has a ginormous collection of sparkly rocks which she shares with all her friends.

This design was chosen by visitors to the website after two rounds of voting.  In this case, the winner will receive two colors of Kanekalon hair in black and white.  She will also receive a prepped white colored base (Aloha Pearl) and a matching brush, all packed inside a box with a custom printed front panel!

 Instruction Follower's Random Award

This prize is a randomly drawn one from the list of eligible entries.  To qualify, your entry must follow the instructions listed on the pages exactly.  This year, VERY few entries qualified for this award.

The list was printed out, snipped into individual entries, and crumpled into tiny wads.  Baby Flower Flash picked one lucky winner to receive a package of customizing supplies.

Baby Flower Flash: And the winner is the person who designed #61 - Aichan!  Congratulations!

 Final Thoughts
Baby Flower Flash: Baby Ember, Aikarin, and I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's contest!  Every year, the designs just keep getting better and better!  This year's designs were ALL fabulous!!  It was interesting that the 3 main winners all made it to the People's Choice finals...this wasn't the case last year.  The Wild Wonders Award and the Wildest Pony Award winners were pretty much determined BEFORE the voting...everyone was oooohing and ahhhing over those designs since the first day the entries were posted.  It is NOT a requirement to make it to the top 10 to win a prize!

We're contemplating an unicorn theme for next year's midsummer watch for that in the summer of 2007.

Until then, happy customizing, and keep up the great work!

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