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Wild Wonders
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The Wild Entries!
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Ponies are listed in the order received

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on June 14th - June 21st.

PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Entry 1- Lil' Dipa
Base Color: Black
Description: Lil' Dipa has a black body. Her hair is white and her eyes are silver. There are small silver dots (representing small Stars) all over her body positioned randomly. On her display side, she has the constellation of the "Little Dipper". The points that make this constellation, are small sliver stars (not dots). Small white diamonds are positioned on these stars (the tips of the stars are still visible from under the diamond). She has a silver shooting star under one of her eyes.
Story: Lil' Dipa is quiet shy. Her favorite time of the day is the night, when she can twinkle. Every time there's a show, she's the *STAR*!
Entry 2 - Sable
Base Color: Sandy brown to orangey gold
Description:  Hair: Sable's mane is quite straight, jagged and very layered.  It is streaked many shades of brown and blonde.  Her bangs are straight and jagged, giving a "spikey" effect. They fall on either side of her face, covering her eye partly, the left side being longer. They are blonde and have hot-pink highlights and streaks. Her tail has the same mix of colors as her mane, layered greatly. It only has one hot pink streak.
Markings: Cheetah spots that extend to her thigh and mid body, these are on both sides. Her symbol is a small glittery paw print that are "formed" by the spots, it is only on display side.
Eyes/eyelashes: Her eyes are 2 shades of bright green and catlike with two white "shines", with a light sprinkle of glitter.  She has black eyeliner and five long/thick eyelashes on the top, with two at the bottom. Her brown "eyeshadow" is almost touching the back of the head and extends all the way to the corner of her mouth, like cheetah "tear" markings.
Entry 3 - Egyptian Twilight
Base Color: Golden Brown
Description: Egyptian Twilight's base is a warm golden brown with soft oak flecks around her hooves and a third of the way up her legs, the rims of her ears, on her cheeks, and her underbelly and under neck. She features a camel and it's rider on the two-toned sand (beige and soft oak); a pair of pyramids (one small, one larger) designate her magnet hoof. Egyptian Twilight's eyes are lavender and periwinkle, and her hair is slightly longer than average with curled ends. The color of her hair is a rainbow mix of crimson, orange-red, pale yellow, rose pink, lavender, cobalt blue and periwinkle.
Story: Most people think of the desert as a vast and colorless wasteland, but Egyptian Twilight knows better. The Egyptian deserts are a second home for Egyptian Twilight, and when she's not making postcards for friends in Ponyville, shopping in the bazaar in Cairo or eating couscous, you'll find her watching the vividly colored Egyptian sky as the sun sets over the Great Pyramids.
Entry 4 - Poison Beauty
Base Color: Pale Yellow
Description: This girl is based off of a Poison Dart Frog (hence the name). She has large black spots on her body, with smaller ones down her dark blue legs. Her hair is a light green, that curls up and out at the ends.
Entry 5 - Lion's Cub
Base Color: Peach-pink
Description: Lion's Cub is a peach-pink pony with a lovely lion symbol. Her hair is chestnut coloured with red and mustard yellow highlights.  Her eyes are red and she has a little red flower on her leg.  She looks as she lives in the savanna.
Story: Lion's Cub lives in Ponyville in a small and friendly house with her best friend. Her favourite foods are cakes and chocolates. She can't cook.  She collects small teddy bears and she likes to read magazines and poems. She likes to take trips with her pony friends.
Entry 6 - Midnight Moon
Base Color: Pearly purple
Description: Midnight Moon is a pearly purple pony with dark purple eyes. She has gradient glitter over her back legs and a silver moon. Her magnet hoof mark is a glittery star. Her hair is white and silver in thin stripes.
Story: Midnight Moon loves to sit alone on the hill and just look at the moon and the stars. But it isn't the only thing she likes to do. She loves to swim in the ocean and always find things to do and new adventures.  She wishes that one day she could fly up to the moon and look down at Ponyville and all her friends.
Entry 7 - Solo
Base Color: Light blue
Description: Solo has: *Slightly* Dark yellow eyes with a green swirl.  Rainbow hair that uses almost any and every color you can think of.  Designs on her front 2 legs: dark orange dots and a red and pink seed bead bracelet.  Designs on her back legs: one leg has a pink zigzag, the other has a purple smiley face.  A symbol on her flank: a black felt paw print with brown feathers under it.  A ladybug on her cheek, under her display side eye: one ladybug spot is green.  2 slits in her back: to glue in feather wings.
Entry 8 - Ivy Vines
Base Color: pale green (pastelly)
Description: Ivy Vines is a pale green pony with a darker ivy leaf and swirl motif covering her entire body. She has a small golden ivy leaf hoof symbol and her eyes are dark purple with a swirl of Lilac. Her hair is a mixture of chocolate and mahogany brown.
Story: Ivy Vines is a happy, bubbly, sunshine loving pony who gets especially excited when summer comes around and she can get back out in her garden. She especially loves to play hide and seek amongst the ivy in her garden... you can just imagine that she's quite a challenge to find.
Entry 9 - Scarab Bug
Base Color: golden yellow/yellow
Description: I guess she's kinda a complicated little un'. Scarab Bug is a golden yellow pony with a small golden ankh hoofmark. Her symbol is a golden scarab bug, holding up the sun. her hair is a mixture of golden yellow/tan and royal blue. She has a small blue/green scarab bug crawling across her nose leaving a tiny trail of marks. Her eyes are blue with a swirl of paler blue and shaded with purple "eyeshadow".
Story: Scarab Bug is a monarch of a pony - no kidding. Shy and fancy, but great fun once you get to know her. She loves hanging out in the hot sunshine or playing hide and seek with her best friend Ivy Vines (being as bright as she is, Scarab Bug isn't very good at hide and seek, but Ivy always lets her win, so that's alright, isn't it?)
Entry 10 - Stars n' Stripes
Base Color: white/light blue
Description: This pony is a bluish white pony with patriotic colors!  She has red, white, and blue hair, and stars on her cheek, and a striped one for her cutie mark. Her headband has special starry springs for a cute look!  She is a one of a kind pony!
Story: Stars n' Stripes is a very happy-go-lucky pony. She loves to support freedom and the American troops!  She is seen as a great leader, and loves to help people out!  She represents freedom and also the Fourth of July.
Entry 11 - Blueberry the Hyacinth Macaw
Base Color: Cobalt Blue
Description: Pony based on a Hyacinth macaw - painted with a rich cobalt blue body, slightly darker on the wings and a purplish tinge at the neck. The sculpted beak is grey-black and deeply
curved to a sharp point. The pony has a smooth (unfeathered) yellow spots in a ring
around its eye (the eye is painted to resemble a birds) and in a curve next to base of
the beak
The pony would need a sculpted beak as well as wing tips to extend off the back of the body. The entire body would be be given a feathered appearance. The lower half of the front legs are painted black. The hair a combination of blue with a tinge of purple mixed in - and a hint of Opal Essence in the forelock.
Entry 12 - Gardienna Sun
Base Color: White
Description: This beautiful pony is white with green splashes on her feet and nose. She has vines and flowers that crawl up her feet to give her a garden look. She is unique with orange, yellow, and gold-colored hair. Her green eyes dazzle and would love to be a star!  Her cutie mark is a black-eyed susie, and has a flower hairband and flowers dabbled through her hair to accent her. Her wings are a wonderful pink with red lining to bring out the color!
Story: Gardienna Glow loves flowers, and everything about them!  She has her own tropical flower shop on Butterfly Island and hopes to be known as having the best bouquets ever. She is a sweet pegasus pony, and love to spend time in the sun with her friends. Everyday for Gardienna Sun is bright and happy. Her flowers are always a sign of sunshine.  She hopes that one day she will be known as the best gardener in the land and knows that someday it will come true if she follows her dreams!
Entry 13 - Ashes
Base Color: Rust
Description: Ashes is a rust coloured pony with dark russet colourpoints on his legs that shade up into lighter colours of copper and gold, in a mimicry of licking flames. A similar colourpoint shades his muzzle. Ashes' hair echoes his colourpoints, the same shades of russet, copper and gold, long and somewhat wild. His eyes are a coppery-gold and the tiny silhouette of a phoenix flecks each. Ashes' symbol is a stylistic phoenix in flight, it's tail tipped with the colours of Ashes' hair and points. A licking flame marks his magnet hoof.
Story: "P-fu chn-zh", meaning: "break the cauldrons and sink the boats."  This ancient Chinese saying is the motto Ashes lives by. He is a pony who never gives up, and a setback is only an opportunity for a new beginning. He is a wild pony at heart, though devoted to his friends, and he loves nothing better then a challenge. His favourite foods are Wulong tea and Bok Choy. In his rare moments of sitting still, Ashes enjoys playing Go and practicing his calligraphy. He likes to collect sports magazines, bamboo, and the occasional book.
Entry 14 - Rainy Daze
Base Color: Mint green
Description: Rainy Daze is a mint green baby pony with white color points. Her symbol is a purplish blue with a light sprinkling of silver glitter. Her hair is cobalt blue with glow in the dark strands of hair scattered throughout her mane & tail. Her eyes are very light yellow with a Forest green swirl. The symbol in her eyes are little purple raindrops. She has a neon yellow hoof heart.
Entry 15 - Lavendar Flame
Base Color: Very Dark Purple
Description: Lavendar Flame is a dark purple pony with Very bright orange hair. She is a flutter pony (with Aikarin's custom flutter wings) and her symbol is two purple flowers side-by-side, and their stems join in the middle. There is a leaf on each side, and a flame burning where the stems meet. Her hoof heart is a neon lemon-yellow. Her eyes are green with a navy-blue swirl, and her eye symbol is a purple flame (like Waterfire's flame).
Entry 16 - Dime Novel
Base Color: Buckskin Dun
Description: Dime Novel is a duny pony the color of buckskin with three feet that gradient into black and one white sock on her right hind leg. She also has a white star on her forehead. Her eyes are jalapeno red and her hair is common G3 length, colored cinnamon brown with golden highlights. Her symbol is a thin green book of the dime novel type as well as the head of a Mercury dime. Her magnet mark is a small dime, tail's side up. Is her buckskin simply the color of many a famous wild west horse, or is it really the color of the yellowed pages of her old adventure serials? Are those dun markings, or does she just have ink smudges all up her legs? She's not telling.
Story: Whether she's riding the range and rescuing school marms in distress, adventuring through jungles in search of lost artifacts that should be in a museum or just sleuthing as one of Ponyville's most hardboiled detectives, there's never a dull moment in Dime Novel's life, although she always seems to have time to tell her friends about her latest adventures at the local water hole. She is the particular idol of her niece Penny Candy, who has resolved to be just like Auntie someday, if she can.
Entry 17 - Kotten
Base Color: White/cream
Description: Kotten is based on my pet hedgehog Kotten, and his name means fir/pine tree seed. He is a baby pony with big baby blue eyes and has got dyed hair - it is brown at the base, then turns white, then back to brown and lastly the tips are fading into white.  Also the ears, face and hooves are dyed brown.  To make him look a bit more like a hedgie, he could have pointy standing mane, tiny grey claws out of clay, and black glued-on whiskers.
Entry 18 - Orange Beauty
Base Color: White
Description: White pony with orange design on her legs. One big orange slice on her side. Orange tail. Mane orange and yellow.
Entry 19 - Can Can
Base Color: White
Description: Can Can is a white pony who is a can can dancer at the moulin rouge. She has burgundy and black hair and wears a velvet top hat. her symbol is a moulin rouge (red windmill) and she has fish net tights on her two back legs, and on her forehead is an arrangment of diamonds and she is wearing a diamond necklace and peacock blue eyes.
Story: can can spends her days practising her dances for her nightly performances at the moulin rouge.  She wears her finest diamonds and a velvet top hat.  All the gents in town are there to watch the show!
Entry 20 - Safety Box
Base Color: White
Description: This pony is white with medical crosses on her head and as a cutie mark. Instead of a heart on her paw she has a bandage!   Her eyes and hair are blue and red.
Story: This pony is helpful and the head doctor of the pony hospital (somebody's gotta do it!) She loves to help and heal her pony friends when they are sick or got a booboo.

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