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Wild Wonders
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The Wild Entries!
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Ponies are listed in the order received

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on June 14th - June 21st.

PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Entry 21 - When the Doves Cry
Base Color: White
Description: When the Doves Cry is a gorgeous white pony with multiple shades of blue. Her mane and tail start at a deep blue and slowly fade to pure white.  Her symbol is a blue teardrop with a flying dove in front of it.  She has a blue teardrop on her magnet hoof. Around the inside corner of her eyes are three blue dots.
Entry 22 - Aurora Hearts
Base Color: White
Description: This pony is super colorful!  She is really detailed with rainbow hearts and a white body.  They crawl up her legs and her hair is rainbow as well.  This one was dedicated to my little sister who absolutely LOVES ponies and rainbows!  Her cuties mark is a rainbow and she has pretty heart wings.
Story: This pony is one of Rainbow Dashes best friends!  (can you see why?)  She loves to fly through the clouds and be friends with everyone she meets!  She loves to wait outside on a rainy day for the sun to peek through the clouds, and to see a rainbow.
Entry 23 - Zebrina
Base Color: Light green
Description: She is a light green pony with back and glow in the dark (white) hair, she has a Zebra semi-hidden in vegetation as a symbol
Story: This pony loves to run in the meadows with his cousins, the zebras.
Entry 24 - Tigresa
Base Color: A gradient from very light orange to golden yellow
Description: This pony has the body in a gradient, from very light orange to golden yellow toward the feet, and the muzzle, her hair is a combination of golden yellow, thermal orange and fire red.
Story: Tigresa loves to bathe in the sun.  She loves other animals and never wants to hurt others.  She is always trying to help others and especially loves the little creatures.
Entry 25 - Gabrielle
Base Color: light brown
Description:  Mane and tail: blonde with transparent iridescent tinsel, lightly but tightly curled.
Markings and symbol: she has white starry looking blaze on her forehead, grey "stockings" with white gradient, more white than grey though.  Ears are tipped the same way.  Symbol is a blob-like pattern with a "flyaway" heart and outline of a flame.  There is a small rhinestone near the edge of the blob.  The pattern continues till her behind.  Sprinkled with glitter on the non-display side there's just a bit of "blobbing", so if viewed from above it would be a ovalish type of shape with the tail being off center.  More of the "oval" falls on the display side.
Eyes: purple lightly sprinkled with glitter.  Not your typical MLP type eyes.  Three long eyelashes on top, two on the bottom.
Extras: two silver loop earrings.  One leg warmer, made of terry cloth.  She will also have a pair of drumsticks for playing her favourite instrument - the drums.
Story: Street smart, that's Gabrielle's style!  This outgoing, caring, and oh-so-sweet pony loves to talk with her friends and adores playing the drums.  You can almost imagine her playing her favorite beats just by looking at her!  Always looking on the bright side of life, she's always willing to help.
Entry 26 - Silvershadow
Base Color: Grey
Description: Silvershadow is a grey pony with long black hair with blue highlights.  Her eyes are blue too, the same colour as the highlights in her hair.  On her forehead, she wears a little chain with a golden medallion with a red jewel in it.  Her symbol is a white oval filled with painted dots and in the middle a sword surrounded by thorns that ends at the red rose sword button.
Her little hoof symbol is a white cat with grey and red spots and above is another sword.
The symbols shows exactly how she is: The oval is a shield as to protect herself from getting hurt. She is a fighter (the swords) who always stands for herself, her friends and what she think is right. The thorns show's how she is from outside, sharp and sticky, you have to be gentle with her or you might get hurt. But when you learn to know her, she is the most lovley warm person and the greatest friend you ever met (the rose). The cat stands for her independence.
Story: Silvershadow dwells in the mountains, breathing the air of freedom so precious to her. In her jewel lies her magic which she use to protect herself and her mountain friends from dangers. Her colours make her melt in in the mountainside very well, and she likes to hide from travellers, but watching them from distance and her camouflage helps her very well. Sometimes Silvershadow visits her friends in Ponyville but she always return to her home in the mountains.
Entry 27 - Safari
Base Color: Dark green
Description: Safari is a dark green pony with light green and yellow hair.  Her eyes are yellow.
Her symbol is a jeep with white zebra stripes and red seats.  Her hoof heart is white with zebra stripes.  On her legs is grass (painted).  Her body is solid colored.
Story: Who is that? Now it comes close...what it is?  It's Safari!  She loves to go an adventure and especially in Africa.  She likes to see baby elephants, but also the dangerous lions.
Entry 28 - Meris
Base Color: Royal Blue
Description: Meris is a royal blue pony with tartan colourpoints.  Her hair is orange, yellow, purple, pink and green. Her hair is randomly styled with some bits curled, some cut and some left extra long.  Her eyes are white with an orange swirl.  Her symbol is a silhouette with a Mohican (Mohawk) in colours to match her hair and matching piercings.  Meris also has three piercings in each eyebrow and three rings in her right ear.  She has a ring in her right nostril and a stud in her lip.
Entry 29 - Princess of the Sea
Base Color: Light Blue
Description: Princess of the Sea is a light blue colored pony. Her hair is dark blue with seafoam colored stripes and corresponding tinsel. Her mane is chin-length, while her tail is able to wrap around her front legs comfortably. Princess of the Sea's eyes are light and dark blue swirls. Her symbol is a pair of cream seashells. The symbol denoting her magnet hoof is a smaller shell.
Story: Princess of the Sea is a water-loving gal, and the more she's in the water, be it sea, lake, or rain puddle, the happier she is. Not a true Princess by nature, she has dubbed herself the "Princess" of the Sea. Her favorite thing to do is run through a wave breaking on the sand.
Entry 30 - Wildfire
Base Color: Warm yellow
Description: Wildfire's base colour is a warm yellow, which extends in a lick-of-flame pattern on to her wings (windy wing fashion). The fields of the wings then become - in turn - orange, pinkish-purple, light purple and bluish-purple. She also has pink dots, and borders between the other colors.  Her eyes are purple, with a pink highlight and her hair is red-orange with yellow highlights.  Her most noticeable feature is the flame pattern on her hooves, higher in the back than the front.  Her symbol is a whirlwind of fire, with little flames flying off it.
Story: When Wildfire gets an idea - and she gets a lot of them! - she gets the whole of Ponyville to participate in her great schemes. She is great at getting people all fired up about her projects!  Luckily for her, the other ponies don't mind finishing off her work, as she just hasn't the patience to.  There's always a new project she just can't wait to get into!
Entry 31 - Solitude
Base Color: Medium blue
Description: The body is blue, right on the verge of blue-gray, and she has white hair with quite thin silvery streaks. Her eyes are also silver, as well as her hoof mark (a star, on the NDS hoof).  Her symbol is a black, leafless tree standing in snow.  The special thing about this pony is that her whole body (except for the eyes) is covered in tiny glass beads, the kind you use to make plastic fruit look frosty.
Story: A very shy and quiet pony, Solitude likes spending most of the year in a cottage in the mountains, miles away from Ponyville.  She only visits the other ponies for a time around the Spring parade, then she hurries back to her cottage, to se all the newborn cubs that her wild animal friends want to show off.
Entry 32 - Naiki
Base Color: Dark Purple (Plum)
Description: Naiki is a dark purple pony with black mane and tail. In her mane is one single stripe (like the one in G1 Baby Moondancer's and Baby Glory's mane) of deep red. Naiki's eyes are amber colored with a strike of darker amber in them.  The symbol is a deep red (same color as the stripe in her mane) Japanese dragon with an emerald in its right claw.  It's got long amber-colored horns and gold and green fur whipping out from its spine and tail and behind its cheeks. It's got two long moustaches ringling down each front leg.  On Naiki's forhead she's got a flaming Jing-Jang mark.  No "cutie-mark" on her front hoof.  Her name means "Tradition" in Japanese.
Entry 33 - Lil' Lemur
Base Color: Grey
Description: Lil' Lemur is a medium grey pony with white hooves, face, & stomach. She has black accents around her eyes and the top of her head, going down her shoulders and back. Her eyes are a swirl of orange and yellow.  Her symbol is a lemur's paw print with a white swirl behind it, and she also has a small dark grey swirl on her magnet hoof. Her mane is mostly white with a couple black streaks, and her tail is white with horizontal black stripes from base to tip.
Story: Lil' Lemur is an adventurous pony who loves exploring new places. She has a ginormous collection of sparkly rocks which she shares with all her friends.
Entry 34 - Sound Wave
Base Color: Pink
Description: Sound Wave is a pony that I dreamed of.  She has a pink body.  Her hair is pink and green.  Her symbol is a clam with a pearl inside.
Story: Sound Wave is a jolly pony.  She likes to pick pearls and to make necklaces and bracelets for every one!   When she begins feeling tired, she wishes that she has wings.
Entry 35 - Secret
Base Color: White
Description: Secret is a white pony with blue white and black stripes randomly placed in her hair.  She has blue and black gradients on her muzzle, rump, and hooves.  She also has blue zebra stripes on her legs.
Entry 36 - Peaceful Mind
Base Color: Yellow
Description: Peaceful Mind has a yellow body and a rainbow mane and tail in six colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Her eyes are green and orange, and right under both her eyes there is a metallic star attached. On her hoof she's got two small hearts, one bigger then the other. On her right hip she's got the symbol for peace, two flowers (one orange and one purple), two hearts (also here one is bigger then the other) and a green leaf going down her leg. On her left hip she's got the word "peace" spelled out in red bubbly letters.
Story: She' s a pony that brings peace and love on earth. She is very open-minded and tolerant. She has a big heart and always help the ones in need. Whenever or wherever there is a fight she comes and stop it, just by being friendly.
Entry 37- Early Rising Sun
Base Color: Wine-red
Description/Story: Early Rising Sun is a shy pony that only appears for a short time early in the morning when the sun rises. Almost no one has ever seen her, but I saw her once and this is what I saw: A wine-red pony with silver-grey mane and tail (no glitter though). For every step she took the sunlight spread over the ground. She walked soundless in the dewy grass and at a closer look I discovered her hoofs, and a bit up on her legs, were covered in silver glitter. "Must be from the dew", I thought for myself. On her right hip I saw she had a flower with two leaves and on her front hoof some sort of flower pattern (with leaves similar to the other ones). And on her left hip there was a rising sun in yellow and orange. The last thing I saw of her was the sun shimmer in her orange and yellow eyes.
Entry 38 - African Sunset
Base Color: Orange with red gradient
Description: African Sunset is an orange pony with a red gradient on the top half of her body. Her hair is mostly black with red and golden streaks in it, curled slightly at the ends. Her eyes are a bright, vibrant green. At the bottom of her hooves, the grasslands are silhouetted with a tall, native tree growing up one flank for her cutie mark.
Story: African Sunset is a very special little pony. She knows that many animals come out only at night. On the African plains, all of her favourite animals are most active at sunset; lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, antelope, wildebeast... all silhouetted by the red-orange skies of the sunset.
Entry 39 - Forest Shadow
Base Color: Dark gray
Description: Forest Shadow is a dark gray pony with black jaguar spots. Her cutie mark is a purple wild flower and there is a jaguar paw print on her hoof. Her eyes are gold with a teal reflection. Forest Shadow's hair is a mix of dark purple, glow in the dark green, and gold and teal (to match her eyes)
Story: Forest Shadow is shy, so she tends to spend time alone in tropical rainforests admiring jaguars, her favorite animal. She loves to collect wild flowers that she might find while hanging out with her jungle friends. Though she enjoys her adventures, Forest Shadow always loves going home to Ponyville to see a movie with her friends.
Entry 40 - Oasis
Base Color: Golden Sand
Description: Oasis is a sand colored pony with lovely golden, sandy yellow hair. Her design is an oasis in the desert with four palm trees and some low bushes in the front. On her front leg, she has a little grass-bush as her hoof mark.
Story: A truly wild wonder of the world is how suddenly, in the midst of a hot, dry desert, there suddenly appears a lovely site. An oasis. A pool of water and verdure. This must be a work of a capricious god, just like the beautiful golden creature living there. Oasis, the unicorn...

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