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Aikarin's Collection
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Ponies available through special offers, with playsets, or gift packs
Current count: 97

key: gold = got it!, blue = need upgrade, pink = missing, grey = lost to downsizing

Mail Order & Special Occasion Ponies   (current count: 56 / 68 )
Birthday Ponies & Original Pose Mail Orders
Birthflower January - Carnation
Birthflower February - Violet
Birthflower March - Daffodil
Birthflower April - Daisy
Birthflower May - Lily of Valley
Birthflower June - Rose
Birthflower July - Waterlily
Birthflower August - Poppy
Birthflower Sept. - Morning Glory
Birthflower October - Cosmos
Birthflower Nov. - Chrysanthemum
Birthflower December - Holly
Li'l Tot

Happy Birthday Baby Gametime

Happy Birthday Baby Sugarcake

10th Anniv. Birthday - not MO
Christmas  - Year 8 /MO Merry Treat - year 8
Christmas Baby (Baby Stockings)
Stockings - year 5 mail order 3/3
Wedding Ponies - Years 8, 10, & Mail Order So-Soft Satin 'n Lace - MO
NSS Satin 'n Lace Lavender - MO

NSS Satin 'n Lace Magenta - MO
Pony Bride - year 8
Bridal Beauty - year 10

Coat 'n Tails (Tux n' Tails) - MO
Individual Mail Order Ponies Hollywood - Flutter Pony
Goldilocks - SHS

Pretty Mane Dabble - purple
Pretty Mane Scribbles - white
Sweet Scoops - purple/magenta
Mommy Kitten/Hearts
Baby Kitten/Hearts Fancy Pants
Baby Ponies Ember with Star (Not MO)
Ember Blue
Ember Pink
Ember Lavender

Clipper the Blue Baby Pony MIP
Lucky the Stallion (Mail Order)
Baby Blue Ribbon (Adv. in Ponyland game)
Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony

White Valentine's Day Baby
Purple Valentine's Day Baby

Baby Sister Li'l Cupcake Unicorn
Baby Sister Li'l Sweetcake Unicorn

Pearlized Baby Ponies Baby Cotton Candy
Baby Blossom

Baby Firefly
Baby Moondreamer
Baby Surprise

Baby Glory
Twice as Fancy Baby Ponies Baby Milky Way
Baby Sweet Tooth

Baby Up, Up, and Away
Baby Dancing Butterflies
Baby Sugarberry
Baby Love Melody
Mail Order Sparkle Ponies Sunspot
Star Hopper
Star Dancer

Sky Rocket
Playset MO Ponies Majesty with full mane
Pink Sprinkles
NBBE Baby Half Note
NBBE Baby Tiddleywinks


Gift Pack & Playset Ponies   ( current count: 18 / 30 )
Party Gift Pack & Slumber Party Gift Pack SS Best Wishes
TE Party Time
Flutter Yum Yum

BBE Baby Frosting

Pearly Seapony Celebrate (pearly white with lavender hair) + float
FT Baby Nightcap - MIP
Flutter Pink Dreams

TAF Pillow Talk
Newborn Twin Sleepy Head
Newborn Twin Sleep Tight
Playset & Specially Packaged Ponies Show Stable's Lemon Drop
Pretty Parlor's Peachy
Dream Castle's Majesty
Waterfall's Lavender Sprinkles
Original Megan Doll
Megan's Original Sundance
Megan's So-soft Sundance
Megan's TAF Sundance + Box

Molly's BBE Baby Sundance
Movie Firefly (in Surprise's pose)
Sweet Shoppe's TAF Scoops
Perm Shoppe's TAF Fifi
Lullabye Nursery's BBE Baby Tiddley Winks
School of Dance's BBE Baby Half Note

Baby Buggy's NBBE Baby Cuddles
Baby Buggy's BBE Baby Cuddles

Baby Princess Sparkle - magenta symbols
Baby Princess Sparkle - violet symbols

Yr 4 Pony Purse's BBE Baby Sleepy Pie

Yr 5 Pony Purse's 1st tooth Baby Crumpet


International Ponies & Oddball Variants   (current count:23 )
UK Originals Hopscotch
UK Mountain Boys Ice Crystal
Early UK Babies Baby Applejack
Baby Lemondrop
Baby Bowtie - customized
UK Family Babies Baby Sunbright (yellow)
Baby Meadowsweet (pink)
UK Starlight Babies Baby Stella
UK Newborn Babies Baby Stargaze
Baby Fun n' Games
UK Prototypes - debatable.  they're ponies that look like they were  rooted after painting. Play Time
Art Time
Music Time
German Ponies Raindrop
German Nestie (Nesthackchen) Babies Baby Schlummerlein (or Murorachen) - the yellow one!
Macau Ponies Brown Snuzzle/Peachy
Strange Ponies Bluebelle with 2 color symbol
White Windy (?)
Aikarin Variants Windwhistler in Surprise's pose
Playset Pets Duck Soup
Twinkles the Cat

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