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pony size comparision

pony size comparison

Please note: I don't have any petites or mummy charms or breezies in my collection.  
Don't think I forgot about them! =)
From smallest to largest:
Pony Pet - (Twinkles the cat) - these little guys came with certain playsets.   Spike the dragon, Brandy the dog, and Duck Soup are some others.
Teeny Tiny Baby Pony - they are often mistaken for kittens.  They hardly have muzzles!
Newborn Baby - super cute little ponies.  Many were produced in all sorts of different poses
Wingers - Summerwings and Windywings.  A little thinner than the regular baby ponies.
Baby Ponies - everyone knows what size these ponies are =)  This particular one is in the "Ember" pose.
Bushwoolie (not pictured) - these are companions to the 1st set of Princess Ponies.   They about the size of a baby pony & very round!
Baby Boy Pony - one version of a baby pony that is a little larger & "chunkier".  Baby boys were also produced with "furry feet" in a different mold.
Gen 3 Baby Pony - these babies have big feet!
Flutter - the Flutter mold ponies also include the two rare Pretty Mane Ponies.   They are skinny & just a little taller than a baby pony.
Gen 3 Adult Pony - these ponies are a little smaller than the originals.
SHS - Sweet Heart Sister ponies are often called "teen" ponies.  They are tall & skinny - all legs!  Made in a variety of colors, some with earrings, some with fancy designs
Gen 1 Adult Pony - just your standard adult pony!
Talking Pony - the "Pocket" ponies with a side symbol attachment were also made in these molds.  Just a little bigger than the regular adult ponies.
Big Brother Ponies - the "chunky" boy ponies with "furry feet".   Dad ponies and Mountain Boy ponies were also made in the same mold.
Secret Surprise - these ponies have a compartment in their back to store a trinket, like a ring or necklace.  They are noticeably bigger than other ponies.
Plush Pony - the old stuffed animal ponies are almost exactly the same size as the Soft Sleepy Newborns.  The new ones are a little bit smaller.
Soft Sleepy Newborn - not really soft, they are made of the same plastic material as the other ponies.  They are huge!
My Pretty Pony (Giant Peachy) - These ponies existed before My Little Ponies.   They are a little larger than the Soft Sleepy Newborns & Plushes.  They are large & made of hard plastic.  They are available only in brown, pink, peach, and yellow.

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