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   Variant Non-Happy Tails Romper

This variant Non-Happy Tails pony doesn't have the tail swinging mechanism!  I bought her in a lot from a well-known expert on variant ponies.  She was quite dirty & damaged & didn't have a tail.  I cleaned her up & added a replacement tail from another pony.  Her new tail matches perfectly, but it is not firmly attached.  I didn't want to break the factory neck seal, which is still mostly intact.
A pic of her non-display side.  Ahhh!  Why do kids have to chew on ponies?
Front view

Most of the non-happy tails ponies were found in the UK.  This pony is made of squishy rubbery plastic, just like the regular Happy Tails ponies.

Hoof markings:

Front Right: MADE IN
Front Left: CHINA
Rear Right: C 84 HASBRO
Rear Left: blank


Comparison of the symbols: it looks like the non-happy tails Romper has a symbol that's much lighter...I don't think it is faded, since her mane is still pink.
Comparison of the tails: the hole for the tail is much larger on the regular Romper.  The tail hole for non-happy tails Romper is the same size as a standard pony's.


I actually removed the tail mechanism on regular Romper...the tail hole is gigantic!  You can't make a fake non-happy tails Romper by just taking the mechanism out and replacing the tail.

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