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~*~ 2003 Pony: Rainbow Dash ~*~

Aiiieeeeeeh!  I went to Toys R Us on June 10th & guess what I found hiding at the end of a rack?  The 2003 new ponies!  They had Rainbow Dash, Sunny Daze, Sweetberry, and Wisteria.  Also the Cotton Candy Cafe was on a nearby rack.  A tiny display, but I was soooooo happy to see the new ponies!
The new ponies are made of a shimmery plastic, not painted like the pearly babies.

Oh yeah, $4.99 brings much pony happiness!

It took great resistance, but I only brought one home.

She has a green heart on her eye and a swirl of color underneath it.  The new pony eyes are MUCH larger than the old ones.

She comes with a sparkling pony charm and an iridescent cord. 

These ponies only have symbols on one side of the body =(  They have another small mark on one hoof.

The 2003 ponies have markings on all four hooves.

Front Right: "05"

Front Left: magnetic plate with the new MLP logo

Rear Right: "2002 Hasbro"

Rear Left: "Made in China"

Yes, I took her head apart.  It's connected the same way as an old pony's head...with a groove.
The manes are thick & long, but check out the wimpy tail:

Compared to an old pony's tail, this one is thinner & about 1" shorter. Yes, it has a dreaded tail ring - the metal washer responsible for tail rust.  I'm going to soak the ring in water to see if it rusts.  The ring is a slightly different shape than the old ones.  I replaced the tail ring on this particular pony with plastic.

Update: after hanging around my sink for a few months, these washers became rusty.

The 2003 pony meets an old friend.  The new ponies are just a little smaller than the old ones.

Gorgeous new hairstyle for the new pony!

Three new ponies on my bookshelf.
Sweetberry and Sunny Daze are going to my friend in Italy.  Wysteria is staying here!
The store also had Pinkie Pie and Kimono, Cotton Candy Cafe, and Celebration Castle, but I didn't purchase them.  No more room for ponies!  ^_^