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Southern California Pony Powow
Sunday, August 17th, 2003
in Newport Beach

The only pic I got.  My camera doesn't work well in low-light situations.  Here's a bunch of seaponies swimming in a container of tinsel and colored marbles.  What a great idea to keep the seaponies upright!  This was part of Childwize's display.

I got to meet the following pony people:
Stardancer & Skellifairy who organized the meet
Childwize who organized pass the parcel
Kcat99 who has the most awesome collection of alternate birthflowers.
I bought four custom baits from her & was really tempted to buy more!
Skyesurfer who was wearing the Twilight shirt she outbid me for on eBay =)
Princess Poohgirl who sold me a custom bait Truly with gigantic hair!
Daizy who owns some of the nicest Dancing Butterflies variants around.
I bought a Rainbow Curl Ringlet from her.
Goddess of Peep who brought a truckload of ponies.  I bought a minty Princess Royal Blue from her.
She even had a Rapunzel!  Oooooh!
Princess Silverswirl who has a nifty 2003 Princess Silverswirl custom and a gorgeous 2003 birthday pony custom
Stage is Singing

It was a lot of fun!  We played guess the pony - I was Mimic.  We also played a game with ponies in socks & we had to identify them. =)

I got there a little late & set up my display with my customs & bait playsets.

Here are two ponies I snagged - a gorgeously mint Princess Royal Blue and a beautiful display mint Ringlet. *grins*  They're posing with a Pony Powwow key chain that Stardancer made for us!
I also bought five baits & traded for two more.  Yay!

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