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~*~  Media Spotlight ~*~ has been featured in several locations.

Sept 21, 2004: engadget, a popular web magazine, featured #103 the Borg Pony in an article
Click here for a copy of the article.

March 2006: VH1 showed the sketch of Storm Chaser (Midsummer Contest 2004 Winner) on their show "I Love Toys".  It was in the background while they talked about ponies!

Sept 2006: Nerds Gone Wild webzine features the Borg Ponies and an interview with Aikarin.

Dec 2006: Lemonade Magazine requests use of Capricorn pony for their monthly publication.

~*~  Unauthorized Use ~*~

Unfortunately, being an indexed site, the graphics on have been used without permission on a few occasions.

Venetian Snares music group CD cover (2006): features several mutated custom ponies. Photoshop contest (2007): features Peach Sparkle and Nightscape being mutilated.  Not going to link the pic, since is a kid-friendly site.  *sigh*  just one of the issues with posting pictures on the internet!  Fortunately, I have a strong stomach and I'd rather not bother with the trouble of reporting this (at this time).

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