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Show everyone how much you love ponies with a pony background for your desktop!  
This year's designs will feature different custom ponies.
A new background will be available each month.

Available in two different resolutions.  Click on the appropriate resolution & a new window will appear with the background picture.  Right click on this picture & select "Save picture as".  Pick a location to save the picture.  Right click on your desktop & change the background to the one you just downloaded.

1280 x 800 is the resolution that works for my particular setup.  If you don't see yours listed, use the new higher resolution 1600 x 1200 and scale it down as needed.

Please note: Some people were using these as backgrounds for their websites...this was using up a lot of bandwidth, so I have disabled hotlinking on my servers.  If you copy and paste the URL into an IMG tag, it will not work. =)

2009 Desktop Backgrounds:

2009 January
Celebrate the New Year with Alba Luna, Tinka's winning design from the Luminosity Design contest!

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 February
Trinity, the Celtic knotwork pony, brightens the month of February

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 March
The real-life Winter's Dawn graces the website for the month of March

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 April
Baby Sweet Wishes brightens up the month of April

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 May
Too busy during the month of May for a desktop background! :(  will eventually make one for this month.

2009 June
Chicago Splash makes her mark on June, like the tulips in her namesake city.

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 July
No July background either.  Sorry. :(

2009 August
Alas, there is no August desktop background either.

2009 September
Inspiration Point takes her name from a site in a national park.

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 October
Spook up your October desktop with an Eerie Kitty.

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

2009 November
Sorry, there's no November background.

2009 December
Majestic Frost, a distant relative of G1 Majesty, loves the cold December weather.

1280 x 800
1600 x 1200

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