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~*~ 2005 Avon Exclusive Ponies ~*~

Two sets of ponies were sold exclusively through Avon in 2005:
Jazz Matazz and Wave Catcher
Peach Surprise and Tea Lily

Jazz Matazz is a medium pink pony in Minty's original pose.
She comes with a pink brush.

 Wave Catcher is a white baby pony.

Each set came with one brush and a sheet of pony stickers.
The stickers are the same as the free ones included in some boxed ponies in 2004.

Peach Surprise is a purple pony.  She came with a lavender brush

The baby included with Peach Surprise is Tea Lily.
She is yellow with aqua and pink hair.

Here is the set mint in bag.  They also came with one brush and a sheet of stickers.

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