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~*~ 2004 Jewel Ponies ~*~

Here's Peri Winkle.  She's mine ^_^  I passed her up the first time I saw her at Target, because I thought...who needs another white pony with blue hair.  But, I didn't miss the opportunity to buy her again when I saw her at Toys R Us.

The back of Periwinkle's box.  Um...I think she looks just a little too happy in this pic.

Sapphire Shores.  Oh no, not another pink pony.

"Sapphire Shores loves to laugh and chat, but she enjoys quiet times, too."

Here's Star Dasher.  She's a deep purple shade.  Her symbol is a star with a clear jewel.

"Whenever her friends try something new, Star Dasher is there to encourage them."
(this pic turned out a bit dark for some reason)

This is Wondermint.  I wonder what Wondermint is looking at.
Series One Series Two Exclusives
Crystal Lace - pink
Gem Blossom - yellow
Periwinkle - white (see pic)
Valenshy - light pink
Sapphire Shores - pink (see pic)
Star Dasher - purple (see pic)
Wondermint - white 
Juniper Jade - mauve - Target
Winterberry - white - Target
Sunshimmer - yellow - MO

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