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~*~ 2003 Holiday Ponies ~*~

Well, I needed toothpaste, so I took a trip to the local Target ;)  They're always sold out of ponies, so imagine my surprise when I found these cuties there!  I also found Tinka-tinka-too and Fluttershy, but I didn't buy those.

The new packaging is weird - the bottom cardboard part is outside of the plastic box.  It's all taped down with clear packing tape.  Still a pain in the you-know-what to remove the pony.

Here's Snowflake out of her packaging.  She's on her way to becoming a custom 2003 Bluebelle ^_^ 

I thought the hood was glued to the pony.  Underneath her chin is a mess of white powdery stuff.  The hood is stitched together.  The ends are really stiff...maybe they did use some type of glue to keep it in place.  Also, her hair is just crazy poofy.  Her hood is a shiny satin material.  Despite all my griping, I still love her!  Especially her blue/white/lavender color scheme.  Her color is more of a blueberry & it is shimmery, like most of the new ponies.

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