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5th annual custom design competition!

Meet the Luminous Ponies!
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Ponies are listed in the order received

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PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Entry 1 - Atomnia

Description: Atomnia is a dawn blue color with navy blue jagged socks and muzzle. She has an atom design on her rump accompanied by many swirls. She also has swirls on her forehead. She has a golden mane and tail.

Story: She is a very creative pony, astounding may with her art. She is recognized for her creations and is surrounded by many friends. She enjoys spending an afternoon drinking soda with her friends.

Entry 2 - City Lights

Description: City Lights is a dark blue earth pony with fluorescent details.
She doesn't have one symbol, but several, and they all relate to neon lights
that we can find in the city. Her non display side also has this design. Her
eyes are fluorescent magenta. Her hair has a regular length, and her mane
and tail is mostly dark blue, with hints of fluorescent magenta and glow in
the dark hair.

Story: City Lights is a night owl. She likes to walk around in the night,
under the moonlight. She loves jazz music and playing pool (I wonder how she does this because she doesn't any have fingers!). She's a bit of a
prankster, and loves to paint glow in the dark graffiti outside other
ponies' homes. Her dream is to open a little pub called "Copacabana".
Entry 3 - Aurora Borealis

Description: Aurora Borealis is a dark blue earth pony, with lighter blue
legs, and with the image of northern lights as a symbol (in orange and green
tones). Her eyes are green with a hint of orange. Her mane and tail are a
bit short (the same length as G1 ponies) and it's orange and green.

Story: Aurora Borealis (just "Aurora" for her friends) is a very calm pony.
She doesn't like the fuss, and prefers to keep away from the noise. Her
favorite hobby is to look at the starts late at night. She likes to make up
names for constellations. Her greatest dream is to travel all around the
world, because she doesn't like to stay in one place. She loves change.
Entry 4 - Chang`Er (pronounced: ChAHng Ehr )  

Description: Chang`Er is a royal purple pony with a swirled gradient of storm grey and midnight blue. Her face and hoof have luminous swirls of a light warm golden colour and her symbol is a glowy full moon with lanterns hanging on a tree, with a sparse coat of fine glitter. Her hoofmark is a Chinese lantern (extends up her leg). Her hair is glow-in-the dark and blonde mix with streaks of rainbow colours mixed with iridescent tinsel. Her eyes are as in the entry. 

Story: Chang`Er loves the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Oh, the friends, family reunions and fun to be had! She especially loves baking mooncakes and going on lantern-walks to brighten the moon-lit night!

Entry 5 - Pesca

Description: Pesca is a dark blue-green pony with teal gradients on all her extremities and a blaze on the face. Her back legs have an additional aqua gradient, while her front legs have cyan water waves. Her symbol is a translucent deep-sea squid with glow-in-the-dark accents and a coat of gloss to make it look “wet”. Her hair is midnight blue, sea foam green, teal, lime green and she has a single streak of lavender in her mane. The lime green parts of her hair glow. Her eyes are as in the entry.

Story: Pesca takes care of the deep sea exhibit at the Ponyville Aquarium. She loves the wonderful creatures, and they love her too! After the aquarium closes, she always takes a little time to watch her glowing friends’ underwater light show!

Entry 6 - Glory of Mount Olympus

Description: Glory of Mount Olympus has a baby blue colored body.  Her hair is soft, creamy light yellow.  Her symbol is a mountain with light coming off of the peak.  She has Hermes' Winged shoes on her hooves and her eyes are golden.
Entry 7 - Emily the Winter Princess

Emily the Winter Princess did not come with a description or story.
  Entry 8 - Glitter Iris

Glitter Iris did not come with a description or story.

Entry 9 - Laser Light

Description: Her body is a gradient purple.  On her breast there is a white laser spot from which many lighter purple, pinkish and reddish laser beams come out. There also is a smaller spot on her forehead from which many laser beams come out, too. Her mane and tail look like it is made of many laser beams. It is pinkish, purple in many shades, blue and red. And coming out from some spots, it points in many directions. Here eyes are bright red + pink.

Story: You can find her dancing in the disco, spinning and whirling in the glow of the laser lights, reflected by the disco ball. She loves to dance on the dance floor with her friends till the night ends.


Entry 10 - Ghost Light

Description: She is a quite eerie pony.  Her body is black all over only on her right front foot, there is a bright greenish/bluish ghost light with some little sparks that go up till her body. The ghost light is surrounded by a faint fog and it might glow in the dark. Here hair is quite long and it is black, overlayed by greyish/greenish colours that look like her hair is foggy and some glow-in-the-dark parts. There are some little ghost light sparks in her hair, just like the ones on the foot. Her eye is a milky shade of the greyish/bluish/greenish ghost light colour, that makes her look like a ghost.

Story: Ghost light, or will-o-the-wisp, is an eerie pony who lives in the deep fenlands. You have to be on your guard the ghost light on her foot could easily lead you the wrong way, when you see it in the foggy fenland nights. So beware.



Entry 11 - Shadow

Shadow did not come with a description or story.

Entry 12 - Luminous Line 

Luminous Line did not come with a description or story.

Entry 13 - Aurora
Description: Aurora is a pale blue unicorn with on her legs and belly a nice green landscape and pine-trees. from her back till her belly she has a beautiful rainbow colored Northern Lights (aurora), in the sky between the trees and aurora are some twinkling stars.

She has a big twinkling star on her forehead where her horn is.
Her regular-length  hair is a blend of rainbow colors same as here aurora.
Her eyes are sky bleu with a little twinkling stargasus pony eating ice cream. She plans to go even bigger this year!

Entry 14 - Day Break

Eyes: Bright green with a hint of light blue outlined on eyes.
Mane and tail: * black hair with a white unicorn stripe (could be glow in the dark stripe) her tail is black with white tips on the bottom.
Body: Day Breaks body is full of all the wonderful colours of the sky. her upper portion is navy blue (or dark blue) with small white dots scattered through out the blue, the next stripe is orange/red, followed by purple, orange then yellow.
Hooves: She has small hills or mountains in black
Symbol: Day Breaks symbol is divided between the navy blue section and orange/red section of her body the upper portion is the moon which is pale orange and the bottom portion is the sun which is darker orange with yellow, orange (outlined) sunbeams

Entry 15 - Jewel of the Night

Description: Jewel of the Night is a unicorn.
Mane and tail: Red/ yellow and white same with her tail
Eyes: Her Eyes are purple with a hint of green on the outside edge with a yellow star under her eye
body: She's white with black legs and ears gradient as they touch the white
Symbol: she has a black bare tree in the foreground with black grass, an orange moon and 4-5 yellow stars surrounding the black tree in random spots 

Entry 16 - Angler

Speckled browns with scale details (that's what those dark
scattered rings are) painted randomly over her earth pony body.  She has no hoof mark.  She has neon-green glow-in-the-dark fins behind her should
blades, perhaps lower than where wings would be.  She has upon her head the characteristic esca (or lure) Angler Fish use to attract prey - the bulb at the end is neon green and glows in the dark.  Her mane and tail are glow-in-the-dark as well, her mane with a single brown stripe.  Her eye shadow is neon green (and yes, it glows in the dark).  Her eyes are blue and neon green (glowing, of course).

Version 2 is a merpony-like design: Where hind legs might of been, she instead has a fishes tail and fins - Neon Green, Glow in the Dark XD

Story: Angler is an attractive young pony, and it's hard not to stare at
her - but be careful!  If you get too close, you'll find her razor-sharp
teeth clamped onto your arm in an efficient *snap*!

Entry 17 - Nebula (pink pony)

Nebula is a pink pony with two gradients. The first is a purple color on her back, ears and head. The middle of her body is the base color, but her legs have a darker purple gradient. Her mane is glow in the dark with tinsel, and it has a slight wave. Her eyes are glow in the dark paint with purple stripes. All that's left is her symbol. It is the horsehead nebula. the nebula itself is surrounded by purple-grey clouds, and glittery stars that cover her whole body. The only thing on her other side are the gradients and stars.

Nebula is a nocturnal pony. At night, her eyes and mane glow in the dark, much to the amazement of her pony friends. She is quiet most of the time, usually with her eyes directed at the sky. Her house is filled with telescopes, and she hopes to one day go up into space.

Entry 18 - Sapphire Radiance

Story: Sapphire Radiance loves spending time gazing up at the watchful
eyes of heaven.  When she isn't enjoying the peaceful night air, she likes
to entertain her friends with her slightly less than perfect baking skills.
Her hobbies include baking, writing poetry, and watching old movies with her friends.  On occasion, you will find her searching the forest for a
nightingale so she can listen to its beautiful song.

Entry 19 - Nebula (black)

Description: Nebula is a black and blue gradient earth-bound pony, starting black on her rear ending with blue on the hooves.  Her regular-length, slightly curly hair is a silvery white  with a sparkly sheen.  The markings on her body are a bit random and vast, like the clear midnight skies staring into the cosmos of the universe.  She doesn't have a specific mark on her hooves or otherwise, besides those of brightly lit stars.  Her eyes are like dark sapphire that reflect the stars upon her body.

Story: Nebula is an elusive pony.  She dances in tune with the universe, sending radiant sparkles and shimmers to the stars.  She only exists at night, following it as it travels through the sky, because if ever the light of day were to touch her she would fade away.

Entry 20 - Summer Lights

Hair: A random mix of  ~40% Dollyhair After Midnight, ~40% Dollyhair Black Magick, ~10% Dollyhair Glow in the Dark, ~10% Dollyhair Moonlight
Body: The same color as "After Midnight" with a small black gradient
on the lower third of each leg.
Eyes:  Ultrafine silver glitter with a green firefly highlight.
Symbol:  A full moon on her hip with a luna moth at about mid-torso. 
On the lower half of her body there are random "fireflies" in a light
green shade that also glows in the dark.  Her non-display side only has

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